Mink&Stone: I Created My Perfect Jewellery (3 min read)


Today I want to share with you a post on a special jewellery brand which I had recently discovered and caught the opportunity to collaborate with. Enjoy!

First of all, let me give you a little bit of a background to this jewellery brand:

Mink&Stone is a small business based in the fabulous city of London, England. It was founded by Miisa and Mark Mink in 2014, after they got inspired by the grand bazaar of Istanbul and it’s spectacular beaded jewellery designs during their holiday. I was very intrigued by their online store which actually allows you to custom design your own jewellery such as chockers’, necklaces and bracelets. To make it even more special, they have experienced jewellery makers to handcraft your desired design using high quality materials!

Am I the only one who gets instantly really judgemental towards a brand based on my experience of using their website?! Well, I can tell you guys that Mink&Stone’s online store is simple to use and if you ever get stuck ( like I often do) there is plenty of online help!

So I decided to give the unique jewellery design a go, and I had ordered a bracelet. I will be honest, it took me a good while… to visually imagine what I wanted to create. I guess I needed some inspiration, so I had checked out the creations page for designs from their previous customers, which really made me want to make something very unique! As I looked through the materials, I loved how there was an option to add the ones I liked to different “trays”, go organisation woo!

I must admit, I am more of a fan towards silver than gold when it comes to jewellery, so choosing the chain was a no brainer. I was happy that I was able to choose the length of my chain to fit my wrist – as in the high street shops the bracelets are often too big and awkwardly loose. I had planned a colour scheme that would allow me to make the most out of this bracelet, then I played about with the design until I was happy with it (this also took me ages because I am such a picky person when it comes to patterns – everything has to be even and on point!).

I used grey and lustre beads, plain silver spacers and a clear glass bead in facetted as my accent. My aim was to make this bracelet as simple and chic as possible. I think that it has turned out pretty well. *now you should be feeling really curious towards what it looks like*!


Let’s open the parcel…



It came in a cute little black bag with a sweet card to thank me for the purchase – great customer care! Most importantly, the bracelet looks exactly like I have designed it on their website and I love it!

I chose such design because I like simple pieces, that will go with almost anything and everything I wear. The quality of this bracelet is high, fits my wrist perfectly and most of all I made it – so cool!

When I have it on, I get complemented a lot and told that it looks expensive. The amazing thing is that I had actually only paid £12.19 for it – bargain!


( My “Sophisto” bracelet paired with a Pandora ring and a Ted Baker bag)


Guys, won’t you agree that it actually brings out my tan!


This is the top part of the outfit that I wore my bracelet with: a black turtle-neck top from New Look and a statement necklace also from New Look.

Now, all of you should totally check out Mink&Stone’s website .

It gives you a great opportunity to be the designer and create your own, unique jewellery that no one else owns. You can get so creative and have something so personalised… that reflects you.

If you are interested to have a look at / buy my bracelet, I have published its design so ->  Click Here

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post, as I love sharing with you all the new brands which I discover – always stay unique! Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments, I love how active you can be! Subscribe to my blog for future posts, like and share if you are a sweetheart! I will speak to you all in the next one! 🙂

Love, K.

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