New Look Beauty: Pure Colour Lipsticks (3 min read)


Today I will talk to you about New Look lipsticks because I thinks that they are very underrated. They only cost £3.99 and the cool thing about them is that they are produced in the same factory as Dior lipsticks. Yes, you read right! This means that they are very high quality and I can honestly say that they are a new must have in your make-up bag. Give them a go, you won’t regret it!

Their packaging is very classy: matte black with their logo in white writing. I think that they look gorgeous on the dressing table and on the lips.



Six Shades I Own:

I want my collection to expand with time, but for now i will show you what i’ve got.

1. Deep Pink (S74)

This is my most recent purchase. If you want to start wearing pinks but are scared to go for the bright shades – this is ideal for you!

deep pink

2. Candy Pink (S71)

After you feel more confident in pink, this shade steps up your game. It is perfect for Wednesdays especially duuh.

candy p

3. Aubergine (S58)

This deep purple shade screams “look at me”. I would wear it on a night out or during Autumn, so for now it is not my most favourite out of all the shades here.


4. Camel (S17)

The name says it all – it literally is the shade of what I imagine the camel to be.


5. Mauve (S70)

My love for this shade can not be described. I have not seen such shade before, maybe that’s what intrigues me about it.


6. Mid Brown (S24)

Last but not least the on trend brown. If you are looking for M.A.Cs dupe of Stone, I would say this is it.

mid brown.jpg

Here are some swatches, you can clearly see how pigmented they are and how smoothly they have applied onto my skin.


To conclude, all lipsticks go on smoothly and the colours are so nice in real life. So all of you beauty gurus should definitely give them a go! If you already use them, what shades are your favourite?

Be sure to like, share and comment on this post! If you would like me to try out other New Look beauty products do let me know so I can review them for you!

Bye for now.

Love, K.

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