Get A Free Lipstick From M.A.C Cosmetics (3 min read)

Hey guys, just a quick post today.

Yes you’ve read the title right – there is a way of receiving a free M.A.C Cosmetics lipstick of your choice that is usually worth £15.50. You may now be wondering how? So here’s the answer:

Not many beauty fanatics are aware that M.A.C Cosmetics has a programme called “Back to M.A.C” which aims to recycle primary packaging that was purchased there. This includes: glass foundation bottles, glass concealer bottles, lipstick tubes, eye shadow palettes and so on! Every time you collect 6 containers you can take them to your nearest M.A.C counter and receive a free M.A.C lipstick.

I think that this is such a great idea and I personally need one more empty packaging to get my free lipstick! I even know which shade I will choose. All thanks to my major addiction to their Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in “NC20”.


To read more about the “Back to M.A.C” programme on their official page click here.

So have you heard of this programme before? What are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading, I just though that this matter does not get enough advertisement and who wants to miss out on a free M.A.C lipstick opportunity? Certainly not me, nor anyone else I would think – please like & share to get the word spread to our fellow beauty bloggers.

**This post is not a direct collaboration with M.A.C Cosmetics, I’m simply a big fan of their products.**

Love, K.

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14 thoughts on “Get A Free Lipstick From M.A.C Cosmetics (3 min read)

  1. amomentofglam says:

    This is awesome! I remember hearing about this a while ago but never got around to doing it. Do they just need the original packaging or the actual empty product? Like the container the lipstick is in or just the packaging? I definitely have my eye on a few lipsticks that I would love to get from MAC

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