Jacques Andre Salon: Don’t Be Afraid to Chop (3 min read)

A big hey to you all!

So after 2 years of trying to grow my hair long and avoiding hair dressers at all costs, I decided to cut it for various reasons. First of all, my hair is very thin and so when it got longer, it made me look like I had no texture in it. Secondly, split ends became a nightmare and never mind the fact that I still had different hair lengths due to previous poor hair choices.

I took the opportunity to go to a 4.5 stars hairdresser in Gdansk while I was there in April. Getting in touch to them was super easy, I just went on their Facebook page and they responded within a few hours. I was aware that it would not be cheap – almost 400 zl – but I wanted an expert to fix the mess on my head. Carry on reading if you want to see my big change.

This is what my hair looked like before – tired, dull and damaged. But hey, at least it was kind of long!

The big push in my decision to chop my hair was the new trend influence. I felt more confident to go for it, if it went wrong then I would blend in anyway.

My salon was called Jacques Andre Hair & Spa. I walked in there not knowing what to expect as a result, but at the end I was so pleased I did it. They only used L’Oreal Paris products and were trained by them too, truly impressive! Another thing I noticed was that there were a lot of international clients – German, English, Spanish .. you name it! Should this suggest that they have a good reputation worldwide? Oh, below are some pictures of the salon, I thought that the décor was very classy and inviting.


Let’s get to my transformation:

Now my hair is healthy, texturized, glossy and soft in touch! What makes me even more happy is that it finally looks okay in photos and I look much more mature.

To sum everything up – I 100% love my new hair! I made a right choice by going to that salon as I can’t imagine any hairdresser I know of locally could do the same job. Plus, they gave me a mascara as a gift for coming to them – how sweet. So, if you are considering cutting your hair shorter but are too afraid I have one piece of advice for you – JUST GO FOR IT! It will grow back anyway, besides maybe you feel so much better with shorter hair just like I turned out to. Don’t be afraid to take risks on new styles, life’s too short to be boring!

To get in touch with this salon, click here. Alternatively, their Facebook is here too.

So have any of you made the big decision to chop your hair? Or maybe you have some tips on how to keep it healthy? I would love to hear from you!

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Love, K.

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