New Look Beauty: Favourite Brown Lipsticks (2 min read)

Hi everyone.

Here’s a quick mid-week post for you, to find out what it is carry on reading!

Recently I have checked out some new shades of New Looks Pure Colour lipsticks for Autumn/Winter season. Here are my favourite brown shades:

1) Brown Pattern – I think that this shade would look perfect on tanned/darker skinned individuals. The formula is moisturising and does not cake on your lips. I am definitely purchasing this one next time I have some cash!

2) Light Brown – The formula is exactly the same as I described in Brown Pattern. However, I think that this one would look 100x better on people with fairer skin as it is a very light brown shade!

3) Mid Brown – I have already reviewed this shade, to find out about it click here.

Below you can find the swatches of Brown Pattern and Light Brown:


As I always say, I think that New Look beauty is so underrated! I will continue to review their products in the beauty range and prove how good they are to you. 🙂

Hopefully this was a nice, quick read for you! What is your favourite brown lippy and where is it from?

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Speak later my lovlies,

Love, K.

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