Haul Time: Latest M.A.C Cosmetic Purchases (5 min read)

Hey my lovely bloggers,

If you are reading this post then you are most likely a massive M.A.C Cosmetics fan like me. Although they are on the more pricey side it is well worth paying the money for their amazing products. So this shopping trip ended up with just over £100 in total for 6 products – crazy right?! Anyway, carry on reading to see what I bought and what I thought of it.

1. Two Studio Fix Fluid Foundations in “NC20” – £22.00 each

I swear by this foundation – I have been dedicated to it for over a year now and I constantly repurchase it, hence why I bought two, just to be stocked up. I apply it with either an Eco Tools brush or with a Maybelline beauty sponge. No matter what way I apply it, it does not show any streaks and covers up all my blemishes. The only thing I would say here is definitely go into a store and get one of the make-up professionals to advice you what shade to go for. Without doing this I would never know what shade to choose – there are so many!


2. Pro Longwear Concealer in “NC20” – £17.50

So I never owned a concealer before until I spoke to a M.A.C make-up artist who explained to me why to have it. Basically you apply the concealer on top of your foundation to cover up any nasty blemishes and it sounded like a fair enough reason to buy one.

Big mistake I did was not asking what shade I would need – so I went with my instinct. I picked up the same shade as my foundation in “NC20”, but little did I know what a bad shade choice it was. When I applied it onto my face I looked like a ghost… It was way too light for my skin! I’m still confused to why this is the case but life goes on.

Instead I use this concealer to highlight my brow bones and the bridge of my nose, for now I’m happy with using it for that purpose. It’s consistency is thick and looks gorgeous on camera!


3. Mineralize Skinfinish Baked Highlighter in “Soft and Gentle” – £24.00

I wanted to purchase this highlighter in forever! It’s probably one of my most loved products for two reasons:

A: it makes me have such a healthy glow, with a glided peach shade.

B: there are so many uses for it. Not only can you use it as a highlighter, but as an eye shadow too! Have any of you also tried using it this way?



4. Lipstick in “Velvet Teddy” – £15.50

I finally found a “Velvet Teddy” in the store! It only took me about a year… . I’m glad I kept looking for it and succeeded because it looks so adorable on and I can at last have my Kylie Jenner lip days. Its shade is a deep-toned beige in matte finish.


Below is a swatch of it:



5. Lip Pencil in “Subculture” – £12.50

I took ages to match a lip pencil with my new “Velvet Teddy” lipstick and “Subculture” was an angel sent from heavens. You don’t see many people using it YET … I feel the hype  about it coming soon.


Here’s what it looks like beside the lipstick:


As you can see this lip liner allows you to build upon its colour intensity, I started from light to dark creating an ombré effect for you to see. So many other lipsticks can match with it!

If you didn’t already know … for every purchase you make with M.A.C they will give you a free sample. This time I chose to take the 6ml Prep+Prime Skin Sample and I plan to purchase the full size version next time I’m going make-up shopping. It makes my face feel soft and simplifies the application of foundation, it’s literally effortless as it glides on much easier than with no primer. Furthermore, with its help the foundation stays on for longer and does not move around.
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I would love to know what your views stand on M.A.C Cosmetics and hear out other product recommendations that I could look into next time I’m shopping!

Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Remember to like, share and comment 🙂

Love, K.

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