I Went Shopping Again… (3 min read)

Hey everyone!

Just a quick Saturday post, because it’s not as long as others.

Yes, yes, yes I went shopping again … woops. But this time I only bought around seven things, which is totally acceptable. #shopaholic

I haven’t done a clothing haul on here yet and I shop all the time. If you guys enjoy this post then I sure will start doing more hauls!

So let’s get straight into this.

Lets start with the adorable fake, smiley plant pots I got in two, adorable pastel colours! I am very bad with looking after real plants, I even killed a cactus once – like how?! So this will do nicely in decorating my window pane for now! I need to see if they do them in any more colours because I need them all.


New Look – £4.99

I bought this chocker top in the petite section. I never usually shop in that section because I am tall, but when I went a size up so it’s longer it finally fitted me well. Oh, and surprisingly I’m beginning to like wearing brighter colours than the usual black!



New Look – £11.99

I’m also trying to purchase more basic tees and bodysuits, mainly because they never get out of fashion and work with any outfit. This plain white bodysuit is great – you can dress it up or wear it casual. I’m even going back to get an exact black one next week.

**By the way, I tried to cover up my electric socket in the background with that emoji! Haha.**


New Look – £5.99

This skirt is simply the best one I own at the moment. The material is so soft & comforting and the light grey colour will work perfectly with the white bodysuit shown above! What other colours do you guys think it will go with?


New Look – £17.99

Lastly, I got this gold chocker necklace.



New Look – £3.99

Well, I hope you liked my little haul and be sure to comment below so I know to do more! I am a massive shopping lover and get new things at least twice a week … so bad for my bank balance.

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See ya!

Love, K.

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