Scottish Highlands: Rogie Falls, Contin (2 min read)


So finally I found time to look through all my photos from the North Coast 500 (NC500) road trip that I did during July.

Like for the Queens Garden Party, I will be making these travel posts into various series throughout the next couple of weeks. They will probably include more photos than writing in which case I’ll potentially post them every Wednesday, which still means that you still get proper posts every Monday and Friday.

Hope you enjoy them!


It was my first time exploring the Scottish Highlands and I found it amusing how people spoke Gaelic here. Even the signs were duo-lingual! It felt as if I had gone to another country, but in reality this was about 4 hours from my town.

I really liked walking through the forest prior to reaching the waterfall, it was so peaceful and you could really get things off your mind and enjoy the scenery. As per, it rained for a little while … but then the sun began to shine through the trees (yay)!


To be completely honest, no way will the photos EVER capture how beautiful the scenery actually was! The water was obviously constantly flowing, which made it harder to focus my IPhone 6 camera. However, these falls were huge and you could even see some cool salmon fish jumping (yep JUMPING) in the opposite direction from the water flow. Mind blowing, how can they do that?!


On top of that, the falls had a long hanging bridge overviewing the water. It was kind of scary for me to walk on it because I have a fear of heights … but hey I did it for the photo!


For anyone who is interested in visiting Rogie Falls, here’s the postcode: IV14 9EQ.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post! I promise they will only get better; beautiful beaches, castles and islands coming soon!

Have you ever visited Scotland? Where did you go or would you like to visit here? I would love to find out!

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Love, K.

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