Isle of Skye: What It There To See (5 min read)

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While on my road trip I was very lucky to be able to explore all of the beautiful Isle of Skye! In this post I will share with you the best tourist attractions that are a must see if you ever get the chance to go.

Let’s get straight into it!

Starting in no particular order:

1. Coral Beach, Claigan


It takes about 20 minutes of walking to get to the Coral Beach itself. This little rock beach is just around the corner from it –  rather interesting. This circle was already there, and I don’t know who would be bothered to take time and effort to make it? Anyway, while on your walk you get to come so close to highland cows that are wondering around the same path too!


There is such an amazing view towards the other corners of the Isle, it makes you feel like you’re at the edge of the world – just the Isle and the Ocean around you.


At the start I thought it was all sand beneath my feet …


But after a few minutes I have realised that the beach was called a Coral Beach for a reason.


And the reason being – there is no sand! The beach is made out of bits of coral and shells, I found this so cool. I’ve never been to such a place before.

2. Fairy Pools, Glenbrittle


My original plans included jumping in the water and diving under the underwater arch, however, the water was ice cold and I couldn’t even dip my toe into it. Shoutout to Lyall who did jump in but only because other tourist were cheering on him. #peerpressure



3. Skye Museum Of Island Life, Kilmuir


This place had quirky buildings and showed you exactly what houses looked back then. Got to love a bit of history. Listening to Gaelic conversations was very entertaining too.


4. Castle Ruins

I’m not too sure what castle this was, but it most definitely had a great view!






5. Portree

This is the capital town of the Isle of Skye. It has all the shops and tourist information points that you need! Its harbour is very colourful and looks great on pictures!




6. An Lethallt, Staffin

This is a great view point towards the Kilt Rock.




(There was a lot of mist, that’s why the photo seems faded)

You reached the end! I hope that you like this post and the pictures of the Isle of Skye. It’s a really nice place to go to if you get a chance! Don’t forget that I will be posting travel related posts every Wednesday for the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

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