Make-Up Wish List (3 min read)


Today I’ll show you what has made it onto my next beauty shopping wish list. I always know what I want to spend my money on, but do I actually have that money at all times?! Not necessarily. #shopaholicproblems

Let’s get straight into it.

1. Chanel – Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Make-Up Base.


Ever since one of my friends let me use this … I have been thinking about it 24/7. I just need it in my life, so after my next payday this is a no brainer purchase!

2. Zoeva – Coral Spectrum Blush Palette.


I surprisingly don’t own any blush yet, this Zoeva palette seems like it has great shades (four of them) that are not in your face pink, and I would like to see how it adds to my everyday look.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Glow Kits.


I love all of the ones that are out, however, I can never get my hands of them! They are always out of stock. If you own them then I’m so jealous.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette.


One of the most beautiful eye shadow palettes which are out there, yet again always out of stock.

5. Kylie Jenner Lip Kits.


I must be one of the only girls out here without Kylie’s lip kit?! I always wondered how much the delivery charge is to the UK? If anyone knows then please comment, I’m dying to know.

**Photo credits go to We Heart It**

There are probably thousands of items that I would like to buy, as every girl does, but these are my top 5.

Do you own any of the products above? What is your opinion of them or would you suggest a nicer dupe for it?

See you in my next post!

Love, K.

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25 thoughts on “Make-Up Wish List (3 min read)

  1. Lovely post! I am very lucky and own two of the Kylie lip kits!! It looks expensive in dollars but when you convert it into pounds it’s a lot cheaper. The shipping cost me $14.95 which is £11.32. Hope that helps xxx

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