New Look Beauty: Re-Launch!


Now, this post is so exciting, you may be aware that i was always mega obsessed with New Look lipsticks?! Well, now they have re-launched their whole beauty range that i’m about to show you!

Oh, just a little explanation to why i have missed a few weeks of blogging again – my Law exams are coming up and so i need to prioritise that. Whenever i get a free day i’ll try and make a post, but up until the end of January, they might be a bit infrequent. I hope you all understand! xo


This first set of lipsticks would certainly make a great gift for a beauty enthusiast. Plus it’s only £12.99! To buy it, click here.

lippy set box.jpg

Inside, there are six full size lipsticks – three matte shades and three moisturising ones.

lippy set inside.jpg

Fist let’s look at the matte shades. New Look made their packaging gold with black writing. I think it’s very pretty, especially compared to their previous black packaging. It’s something fresh for sure.

Matte in lippy set.jpg

The shades you get are; Dusky Pink, Crushed Rose and Mulberry.

Matte swatches lippy set.jpg

Above are their swatches (Dusky Pink on top, Crushed Rose in the middle and Mulberry on the bottom). Unlike most matte lipsticks i own, these do not feel dry on my skin. As you can see, no skin lines are visible which is amazing!

Sheen Shades lippy set.jpg

The moisturising lipsticks have different packaging to the matte ones so that they are easier to distinguish. Instead, they come in silver with black writing. The shades you get are; Nude, Spice and Deep Rouge.

Sheen Shades lippy swtaches.jpg

… and here are their swatches (Nude on top, Spice in the middle and Deep Rouge on the bottom).

Moving on, my next favourite lip products are the Plum Lip Volumising Glosses. Now, i am usually not a gloss kind of girl, but these manage to make your lips more contoured! I would highly recommend for you guys to give them a go! Below i just picked a random bundle, but if you want a more in depth post on them i will have it done sometime.  They are £6.49 each. To shop, click here.

lip plumping shades.jpg

New Look re-launched their beauty range with over 400 products now, so obviously these are not the only lip products they sell. There are also: liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, more single lipsticks both matte and moisturising, lip liners and lip primers.

One product i cannot life without now is their Buff Lip Scrub, it’s such a good dupe for Lush’s lip scrubs, but even cheaper (only £3.99)! Since it’s winter, my lips go soooo dry. I use it every day in the morning and before applying any lip products which helps my lips to avoid looking cracked!


Once you start using different sprays in your make-up routine, the whole l00k will become pulled together.

New Look created a Refresh + Prep  spray that should make a nice base and the Fix MakeUp Setting spray will set your end result. Both are £4.99 each. These products are once again a great dupe for M.A.C’s Prep + Prime Fix Spray.

Setting spray.jpg

More primers (if you prefer to stick to non-spray ones):

Primers .jpg

CC (£6.99), BB (£6.99), Mattyfing (£7.99), Illuminating (£6.99) … each skin type is covered.


My personal favourites are the CC Colour Correcting ones in Green and Purple. I have quite a red skin tone at the moment, so applying the green primer neutralises the red areas. I apply the purple one under my eyes to brighten them. They are very light on your skin and do not block your pores!

There are lots of palettes too. The range is just huge.

Palettes Overview.jpg

Conceal Palette Inside.jpg

Cover and Perfect (concealer palette) £6.99.

Contour kit inside.jpg

Cream Contour Kit, £6.99.

flawless finish inside.jpg

Foundation Compact (in shades light – dark) £6.99.

Highlighting inside.jpg

Strobing Kit, £7.99.


And two beautiful baked bronzer shades.

In terms of eyes;

Another great set that is a must to your make-up collection; the 12 shade eyeshadow palette for £12.99!

12x shadows closed.jpg

It’s literally massive and has a good selection of shades to create a day to night look.

12x shadows colours.jpg


Above you can see what they look like.  I believe that there are seven matte shades and five shimmer shades.

Eyeshadow Quads.jpg

However, it is the eyeshadow quads that make it to my top 5 products. On the left we have the Dark Nudes quad and on the right is the Smokey Purple quad.

Eyeshadow both open.jpg


Swatches of the Dark Nudes palette for just £4.99. I think they are most stunning. Click here to shop.


Swatches of the Smokey Purple palette that is also £4.99. Shop here.

To be honest, all of them are highly pigmented, and again they look as if you have customised yourself some eyeshadow palettes at M.A.C! Such high quality and at a much better value for money, especially if you are starting out a make-up collection and don’t want to jump straight into the high end products.

Overall, i definitely recommend you all to try out some of the new New Look beauty range. This post does not include all products as there are over 400, and we simply don’t have time to read an hour long post!

All of the products i tried out are very high quality, smell good and do the job. They look high end and are a real bargain!

All items + more are available on their website or in your local stores. Throughout December there is also a beauty loyalty scheme going on, which means that if you purchase 4 products you get the 5th free!

Brush set brushes.jpg

Curler and Compact Mirror.jpg

Eyelash Curlers & Compact Mirror

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post! I had so much fun taking all of these photos and being one of the first people to swatch the products.

Let me know in the comment section below what you think of the New Look beauty re-launch and/or if you are wanting to try it out?

Speak to you in my next post! Bye.

Love, K.

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18 thoughts on “New Look Beauty: Re-Launch!

  1. New Look are really upping their game! The lipsticks look so pigmented and the shades look so lovely. I think my favourite have to be the eyeshadow palettes, though! The Smokey Purple one is just beautiful. You have such a nice way of showing swatches – I love it! 💕 x

    Liked by 1 person

      • That sounds perfect! I bet it looks lovely – do you have a post about it? ☺️ I love seeing how others decorate their rooms! I haven’t bought anything other than clothes from New Look but when I get around to redoing my room I’ll make sure to check out their home section! I already have my eye on their little hanging terrarium! x

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s much better for neutral backgrounds for photos now than it was before. I haven’t made a post on it yet but i intend to real soon! I also love seeing other decor ideas! What’s your room like right now? & that terrarium is gorgeous, i got it for my mum as a Christmas stocking filler 😀 x


      • Aw that sounds like a perfect blogger’s room then! I’ll keep an eye out for it then! ☺️ mine is a bit of a mish mash at the moment as I’ve recently moved back in with my parents! I’m hoping to get all white furniture soon with some copper details! Aww yay I’m sure she will love it! It’s so cute xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe im just really stupid but I had no idea new look did makeup up until last weekend. When I was in a really large new look and they had the makeup everywhere. I got the lipgloss set for my friends. The packaging just looks crazily good I was so impressed with New look in general

    Liked by 1 person

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