They’re Real: Long Lashes Tutorial

Hey everyone,

I hope that you’re having a great day. I often get asked by you on Instagram how i do my eyelashes to achieve the length without falsies. So today i will show you my way of getting long eyelashes in four quick steps.

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Nobody has forever in the morning to get ready and i feel you girl! But, we still want our lashes to be flirty and fluttery.

Once i came across an interview from Ariana Grande’s make-up artist who said that primer is the key for a flawless face. This changed my make-up game for good – i try to prime every specific part of my face before applying any products.


Step 1: Prime the Lashes Like There Is No Tomorrow:

The eyelash primer i use is by Eveline Cosmetics, i believe it is a Swiss brand, that i purchased in Rossman while i was in Poland last summer. I can’t remember how many zlotych i have paid for this, but i found it online for £3.10 here. That is such a bargain, and i can’t stress enough on how good this primer is! A must have in your make-up bag.

Usually every primer comes out white on the lashes and you need to apply a good few coats of it. It looks kind of creepy! Then let it dry. You will know it dried when the white pigmentation becomes subtler.


Step 2: Curl Them Up Baby:

Take your eyelash curlers, put them close to your lash line, squeeze & hold for about 5 seconds. Repeat that all around your top lash line, curving & styling your lashes into the directions you want. I recently re-purchased some cute gold curlers from the New Look beauty range for £2.99.  Click here to shop.


Step 3: Fill in The Blanks:

Don’t get confused, there is one amazing trick that gives the illusion of volume in your eyelashes without the clumpy mascara!

What you need to do is grab a black or brown pencil liner (depending on what colour your lashes are) and put it on your top water line of each eye. I currently use the Bellápierre Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in No.2 Ebony (click here to buy, £14.99). This step will make it seem like there are no sparse areas between your lashes. Simple yet effective.

Step 4: Wands ready, set … Mascara!

The final step is to apply your favourite mascara. I have been using the Maybelline New York Push Up Angel Mascara (click here to buy, £7.99) for a few weeks now and i really love it.


The brush for this mascara is so unusual and at first i was confused on how this was even a thing. However, this is one of the best mascaras i have ever used in my life! The length of your lashes will be crazy & still natural looking. I really recommend everyone to give this a go one day.

Et voila! After these four steps your lashes should be looking their best! It doesn’t take that long and the end result is well worth the extra additional steps to your eyelash routine.

Do any of you use an eyelash primer? What is your secret to long lashes? I would love to hear in the comment section below!

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Thanks for reading!


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25 thoughts on “They’re Real: Long Lashes Tutorial

    • I must admit that without the eyelash primer i don’t love it as much! It can be very liquidy which is annoying. But honestly try using an eyelash primer and it makes so much difference to the performance of that mascara and every other mascara! x


  1. YES lash primer works wonders for me! I forget what mascara I used but it was double sided where I would use the primer and then apply the mascara and although I didn’t love the mascara using the primer made ALL the difference. So now, I use the NYX one only bc it’s the most affordable but it works great!!! I also love using it when I have no make up days.

    xo, JJ

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  2. Wow!! I see my ladyfriends are right, having several kinds of mascara in their cosmetic bag!! 🙂 I used to apply my Cherish Lash serum and mascara because it’s so healing, but why not to try this gorgeous one too! Thank you so much for your tutorial :)) Stay beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

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