Hair Disaster: L’Oréal Paris Colorista Review

Hey guys,

I hope that you are all doing super well. Today i want to talk to you about the truly raved about L’Oréal Colorista Washout coloured hair dyes and how they worked for me.

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Disclaimer: As you might see in the title this review is not going to be on a positive note! I always try to look for the best in every product but this just made my days more disastrous and stressing than fun. Saying that, if you have used this product and it works great for you – i’m so happy to hear and carry on using it! This is just my personal experience.

Let’s get straight into it, enjoy!

I have purchased the pastel blue dye from the L’Oréal Colorista Washout range around eight weeks ago now. I would see all the YouTubers that i follow use that range with amazing results and no complications. That was enough for me to go and grab myself a box of course. I always wanted to have a pastel dip dye on my hair, but without the actual long-term commitment, and this product seemed to be ideal.


It was on offer for £6 from Boots and Superdrug. I picked up the pastel blue shade although i was so tempted to buy one box of each available colour. Thankfully i didn’t because it would now go to waste!

Applying it was straight forward, i used a comb to weave the product through the bottom ends of my hair and blend it in with my blonde to give a gradual dip-dye effect. I left it on for approximately 10 minutes as i didn’t want it to be too intense. I proceeded to wash my hair with some warm water & my Bleach London silver shampoo and conditioner to mute the colour to be less bright. It worked, i was in love and all my friends thought it was cool. No disaster story … yet!

Weeks have passed and i casually washed my hair three times a week. However, the colour was getting brighter and more intense rather than wash out. The box said that it should be gone by the tenth wash, well it clearly wasn’t the case for me. I began to get more and more stressed, being a law student i can’t have hair like that for much longer! To make the matters worse, some strands where the pastel blue dye was applied instead of the hair going back to blonde … it went darker brown! I did my digging online and some other people also found this product problematic to their hair, even to the extent where the colour muted green.

Here i am today still trying to get that stuff properly out of my hair. I don’t know why i am having such a horrible experience with the Colorista range. I wanted to love it so much. I really do believe that this product is not what they say on the box; it must have some stronger chemicals in it to keep its pigmentation for longer than the claimed ten washes & to change hair colour while washing out. Although they have their “special” shampoo to wash out this product, it is £8 and doesn’t really help. Waste of money really. I have spoken to my hairdresser and she recommended washing my hair with Head & Shoulders in combination with the red Fairy Liquid on the blue areas, so i shall continue until the colour is gone at last!

On one hand, i strongly advise to all of you with light blonde hair NOT TO BUY THIS. It might seem like fun but if it goes wrong for you like it did for me you then you will sadly regret it. Yes, the YouTubers you watch recommend this range in every video – but they most likely get paid for that and can afford more hairdresser trips than most of us. They wouldn’t be able to express their true opinions. On the other hand, if you don’t mind your hair being bright and colourful for a longer time then you could potentially enjoy this.

On the other hand, those of you with darker hair – this might actually be an amazing product for you because your hair won’t be as pigment prone as blondes.

Are you having troubles with the L’Oréal Colorista range? Or, are you loving it? How did you go about removing the shades from your hair? I would love to find out in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading, i hope that this was especially helpful to those who are struggling with washing their Colorista colours out.

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55 thoughts on “Hair Disaster: L’Oréal Paris Colorista Review

    • Thank you, i hope it comes out soon also! If not i’ll just need to go and get my hair bleached 😦

      It is just so disappointing that it says “washout” and that it works best on light blonde hair, when in reality it leaves nasty pigments behind! You’re welcome, i wonder if there are many more people with a similar experience to mine!

      Have you considered using this range? x

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      • My sister wanted to dye her hair blonde and then use these colours. I am now telling her not to do that!!
        But I’ve never used them before, sorry, I sadly don’t have any tips for you…. x

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      • yana says:

        Same colour, won’t wash out either and became green instead. But well, i live in a rat hole village, so that’s ok… but now just curious how to cover that mess up and what xolour to apply to make my hair look normal again


      • Thank you for posting this. Sadly I have used the product prior to reading this. i have a nasty teal uneven tinge in my hair. Going to try Head/Shoulders first, then more drastic measures to follow. Absolutely disgusted with the product.

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      • klara262662 says:

        I used to have bleach platinum blonde hair. It cost me a lot (money and even time) to get it. But then I wanted to have pastel blue hair but just for a while. I was very excited because my hair fulfilled the recommendation of having light hair.
        NEVER EVER!!! I have blue head with very intense color on few strands for two weeks now. I wash my hair everyday twice. Once with purple shampoo so it won’t get green and second time with the colorista fader (which obviously doesn’t work).
        I hate it!! I don’t know what to doooo….

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      • Megan Gladieux says:

        I also had a problem with wood dye staining my hair I’m currently left with a not so good faded red color I’m extremely disappointed as now I’m going to have to bleach my hair and that’s something that I never have done because I don’t like its effects on hair health

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      • Whitney says:

        My hair is ruined! I used the same blue color and it will not come out! My hair stylist tried to get it out and now it’s turquoise! She also said she can’t bleach it out because it will ruin my hair and I need to go dark brown 😦 ugh

        I did use the pink before and that washed out easily!


    • Samantha says:

      I have really blonde hair. I did the dark teal color. Still hasn’t came out. When to the hair salon and they bleached my hair to get it out and it still didn’t.

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  1. fangirlfashionista says:

    Wow, I’m sorry this happened to you, hope your hair will go back to normal soon. My hair is way too dark to even try these. It’s a shame that so many YouTubers promote these, from what I’ve heard this whole range performes poorly.

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    • :)! Thank you for your lovely comment. Of course, i am surprised that they even want to do such false advertisement! I did my research after i used the colour, and people said so many bad things on L’Oreals page and the business ignores them!

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  2. I hope your hair gets back to normal soon! I’ve been thinking about using something from this range but just wasn’t too sure. I have a weird hair colour it’s Almost an ashy blonde. I don’t think I’ll be picking this up anymore as I’ve never been desperate to use it I just thought it’d be fun.

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  3. Klaudia says:

    Hi, I am a student on a hairdressing course. About one week ago I had a client with similar problem. The best way to remove the blue colour is the peroxide bath. This will allow you to light your hair without using a bleach. This is really simple and won’t take a lot of time. Just buy a 3% peroxide and mix it with your shampoo, in ratio 1:1. Wash your hair as normal, then add this solution and massage into your hair for about 5 minutes and rinse off. You can repeat this two times. Wash and condidtion your hair after. Be carefully and don’t leave it for too long. You can do this once a week until your hail colour comes back to normal. I hope this will be helpful;)

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  4. I am so sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. I find that if you don’t bleach your hair first. It never turns out to be the way how you want it to be. However, so far my friends and I have had no problems with it! Still loving my Colorista and I’m really debating if I should change up the color a bit. Note: currently obsessed with Lime Crime’s hair colors too! Check them out!


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  5. I had similar experience, I used colorista lilac shade and straight after first wash the blondest tips of my hair went to a greenish/blue/grey colour. I can’t get it off even though I have used lightening spray containing peroxide and silver shampoo.. it just makes the greenish shade lighter but doesn’t remove it.. I have always been super cautious about experimenting with my hair but as it only said on the packaging that the colour can last longer on more porous hair, I wasn’t too worried as the lilac shade was quite nice and warm shade. I didnt expect it to turn to green which looks horrid with my warm blonde hair!! They really should have a warning that it might stain your hair.. I will try Klaudia’s tip of peroxide bath.. please let me know if it worked for you or if there was any other method that helped!

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    • Hi, i am so sorry to hear about your awful experience with Colorista too! I definitely think that they should give blondes pre-caution of using their range! I managed to get the staining out now, after 3 months without the help of a hairdresser. I washed my hair almost every day and deep conditioned it over night with coconut oil so that it regenerates. I cannot say that i have gone back to my previous shade of blonde now as it definitely is more warm toned than cold. It was such a disaster! Never experimenting with my hair again. What steps have you taken to remove it now? x


  6. Filiz Keskin says:

    Hi, I colored all of my natural light brown hair with red colorista. I did it just because it says it will wash out! It has been 3 weeks and i cleaned it almost everyday& doing some extra natural stuff(such as baking soda) for a week but its still faded red! I dont think it will come out for a long time and i am very sad. I am also a law student, can’t we really do anything about it? Product is a total failure because i may never get my natural hair color again till it grows! 😦

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    • I am so sorry to hear you had an awful experience with Colorista also! I really hope you manage to get your desired colour back, my blonde will never be the same until I make a hairdresser’s appointment! Did you try leaving fairy wash liquid on your hair as a mask for 5-10 minutes & using head & shoulders as a shampoo until it fades further? But if you do that please remember to moisturise your hair with a good conditioner! It’s also cool to find a fellow law student – where do you study and what year are you in? I am sure that if we could find enough people here that are distressed by the Colorista range we could start a case against L’Oréal haha! Xo


      • Filiz Keskin says:

        Hi thanks for your answer :> i might try fairy sometime, but i am kinda hopeless. I study law in Turkey and i am 3rd grade, loreal is a big company so we need more fellows ahahah! Have a nice day & great blog btw :3

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  7. Have not been able to get the hair colour out either. On the 15 th failed wash, I called Loreal to complain. The lady suggested I mix baking soda and head and shoulders into a paste and then apply it. Just like the colour fader shampoo, this left my hair incredibly dry. The baking soda paste did nothing for my hair. Still blue (actually green). So disappointed. Absolutely not work the money and stress.


  8. Devan says:

    Ah, if only I’d found this blog two weeks ago! I did the same blue shade, thinking it would be super fun for a short term change… not so much. I used it all over and it came out like unicorn hair! It was lavender, blue, silver, teal… I figured whatever, it’s kinda cool even if not what I intended, and it washes out, no biggie. Multiple washes, multiple shampoos, and my hair is green. And grey. And sorta blondeish. It’s AWFUL! I’m a few more attempts at washing away from going back brunette just to get rid of it. This product was a MASSIVE fail for me… so sad when you consider what a salon visit costs these days 😥


  9. I’m so sorry about your hair, it is one of the biggest sucks in life. I use the pink one and it works well. Maybe you should try this one day! 🙂


  10. Leanne Brosnan says:

    I am currently sitting here with fairy liquid in my hair ready to cry.. I bought the lilac shade and it looked so pretty at first…After washing it a few times it turned a hideous shade of green… I have tried baking soda, lemon juice, head and shoulders… My water bill will be huge with all the washing I am doing!!!

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  11. Alyson Rooney says:

    Hi, my 11 yr old daughter has dark brown her past her backside! She’s been wanting a faded in look on her hair for ages in blue. As she’s so young there’s no way I was going to let her get her hair bleached to be able to do it but when I saw this product which on some colours said it would give vibrant results on her hair, we went for it with a turquoise colour. All it achieved was blue hands when the glove ripped! No colour change at all!

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    • How strange! There is definitely something wrong with this formula, at least your daughter’s hair is not discoloured to green like a lot of us here did experience!

      Thanks for sharing your story x


  12. Lini says:

    I used the same color as you and I have tried everything! (Besides bleach as my hair is too damaged already)
    I have tried everything from baking soda to dish soap to products from a hair store to remove color and nothing is working. I have a wedding in two days and I have bright green hair this is horrible!

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    • Oh my goodness, the colourist range should be recalled! Too many of us, even here, had more bad experiences than good with it. I would just go to a hairdresser if i was you, they could definitely help you get the perfect hair-do for your big day! x


  13. Emily says:

    I really wish I had seen this post before I experimented with my hair!! I bought the same blue colour to use during my week off thinking that it would wash out by the time I returned to work but it’s still blue! I’ve washed my hair countless times, tried the fading shampoo (it made my blue brighter!) and used fairy liquid. I worked really hard to get my hair a lovely blonde and haven’t even dyed the ends in over a year so didn’t think it would hold so much colour! My work wont allow my blue hair so i’m just hoping my hairdresser can help me out. I’d used the pinks and peach before so didn’t even think there would be a problem. I can’t even dye my hair brown as my hairdresser warned that it would turn my hair Khaki green! really wish i’d left my hair alone now. some of my hair is white blonde, some dark blonde, some brown, some turquoise and some dark teal – it looks ridiculous!


  14. shelly says:

    Hey! I am sorry this happened to you! I am having the same problem. However, I used the color red on my dark blonde hair. Its been 2 months and I am pink. I tried using the special shampoo and apparently it makes my hair lighter. I will never be back to my real hair color. I dont recommend this to anyone. Worst decision in my life.


  15. Sonja Rubinstein says:

    I tried the same colour and it never really turned blue it was always this weird turqoise greenish tint. And now I have green hair that just won’t wash out… I tried everything! Probably have to chop it all off sooner or later… My friend tried the pink one though and that came out after 3 washes haha…

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  16. Tess says:

    I’ve had to go back to work to my job as a teacher after summer with the green blonde tinge that won’t budge 😩😩😩 It’s driving me crazy. I keep post poning the hair appointment to get my balayage brought higher. This was meant to be cheap now I’m sure I’ll be spending loads. I’m gonna call and complain too.

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  17. Hawaiijeno says:

    I’ve had no problem with the pink (washed out completely in exactly 1 week), but I used the exact same blue on my blonde hair and it’s still visible almost a month later. I wash my hair every day. I’ve tried the Head & Shoulders mixed with powdered vitamin C (mix 1:1 into a paste and leave on hair for 60 minutes) and it made no difference. The Colorista color fade shampoo has done nothing. The only thing that’s helped at all is Paul Michell No.3 clarifying shampoo. I now have a bit of a green tint on the strands that were the darkest blue. I’m amazed that this is so long lasting because I’ve used Privana’s permanent purple and that washed out within 14-21 days. I’ve read horrible things about the Colorista ‘color remover’, which is just a bleach bath. I’m hoping my hair stylist has some advice for me later this week, but in the interim I’m just scubbing my hair with the Paul Mitchell shampoo and deep conditioning.

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  18. Elizabeth says:

    sooo sad i didn’t read this before. Just used the same one on my hair 12 washes in and its SO blue (green). Ive used the pink one from the same range before and they have also been fab and washed out so im so sad this one didnt work! how did you get it out in the end!?

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  19. lisa frigeri says:

    Did you ever get the color out? I have the same problem! I used the indigo colour and 2.5 months later i have very noticeable green streaks in my hair. My hairdresser is sketchy about even trying to fix it because apparently there are a lot of random chemicals in the product. I don’t want to bleach or peroxide my hair but….

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  20. Lisa says:

    I tried the lilac colorista in my hair 17 days ago, looked nice until the first wash, after that it became a weird mix of blue/green/torqoise and my own blondish colour!! Tried dying it with an ash blonde permanent color yesterday, which only enhanced the blue.. 😱😱 L’oreal needs to give better warning on the packaging!

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  21. Denise says:

    You’re probably going to shake your head thinking i’m an idiot because of this but here goes.
    The first time I used it was last year. Keep in mind that I had bleached, coloured and bleached my hair for years so obviously it wasn’t good to begin with. Then I bleached it for a last time and colorista came and I was like whoa, turqouise hair! What a dream!
    So I bought it, used it, and it turned out really beautiful. But after some weeks I thought, nah, I don’t want this anymore, lets wash it out.. And I tried everything! Nothing worked… After a while trying and trying and trying my hair was so damaged I had to shave it all off..
    🙄 Now i’m a positive thinker, so this year I tried it again thinking that maybe my hair was so damaged already and that’s why it turned to shits. Turns out no, it wasn’t the case. I mean, yeah, bleached hair is always damaged. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time.
    This time i’ve tried their fader, doesn’t work. Tried the c-vitamin thing again, doesn’t work. Tried their remover (wich turns out is a light bleacher, even that doesn’t work… 😑 I have not tried it all at once obviously because this time I want to keep my hair.. All I can do now is buy an actual real colour remover, hope it works and then just let time pass.
    NEVER, and I mean NEVER, use this on bleached hair. It sucks the colour up so so freaking bad you will have to send a lot of time and money to remove it and will still take a lot of time.
    If i’m lucky i’ll get it out in a couple of months.. And yes, I have learned my lesson and will stay clear of colorista forever, or blue/turqouise colour completely.


  22. Roxana says:

    Hey! Also Colorista distroy my hair! 😭 I was a fan of L’oreal products and I still am. So my story is another. I had a blonde that I didn’t like it, my roots where growing. And I was thinking that I need a change. And defenetly I didn’t want to dye my hair darker again. And I sow all if the comercials everywhere. And I wasn’t think about it to much and I bought it. I had a bad feeling about it from the begining but I thought that I am afraid of changes. Any way. I took blue denim. I was so proud of the color in the box. I asked a friend to do my hair. And she did. The problem began. In the end of dying process my hair was so dry, maybe was from the pastel. Idk. After the color was look so nice but was wipe out on everything. On my face, t-shirts, towels, pillow case, everywhere. And as I am washing is fade but slowly. And now it became green. And the hair is getting dry every time I was it. And I think it will be like this untill the all color wash out…So like this I destroyed my hair…:/


  23. Deb says:

    I have grey/ platinum blonde dyed hair which has taken years to achieve. I used this Indigo ‘washout’ as I was on leave for 5 days. I am a solicitor and coloured hair is not acceptable. Sadly two weeks in I have bright teal streaks with blonde brown and turquoise in between!!

    Has anyone posting actually communicated with L’Oreal before I pursue my own complaint further. If so what was the outcome? All I’ve had so far is an offer of refund of purchase price which I can’t evidence as I don’t have the Sainsbury’s receipt! I do however still have the box and tube.

    Thx and commiserations to us all for this costly disaster!!!


    • So sorry to hear! I certainly believe that there is a major issue with the formula. I study law and i absolutely agree that you (as an experienced) Solicitor should get L’Oreal to either; a) discontinue the range, or b) adverise it properly since it is not “wash out”!

      Thank you – Karolina


  24. vale boetsch says:

    I bought it on Tuesday and wore it on Wednesday, I wash my hair everyday and I started noticing today (Saturday) that the color was looking brighter than the first day, I am actually freaking out, terrible experience with the product, will never purchase it again….. send help

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