This Summer’s Essentials & Wishlist!


This week has been mega productive and i have managed to post more than usually.. but who said that’s a bad thing?

I am really feeling the summer vibes already, so i thought why not talk you through what i predict my summer essentials will be & you can get inspired too!

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Now, enjoy!

I will not spoil what my summer plans are just yet, but let me hint to you that it is a major road trip! At the same time, i want to be well organised and gear up for the upcoming beach season and not make it last minute.

Essentials #1: Inflatables & A Lot Of Them!

Even more than ever, this summer must haves will 100% be inflatables in all shapes and sizes that will make your holiday worth Instagramming. Having browsed around the shops, i think that New Look is killin’ it with their inflatable range – that is pretty and still very affordable!

Unicorn & Flamingo Floaties (£27.99)

Pizza (£27.99) & Watermelon (£19.99) Floaties

But the fun doesn’t stop here with them, i have found some special floats for your drinks too! I am obsessed. Can you imagine how much easier they will make your beach/pool parties? Or even having a drink float right beside you while relaxing!

Pineapple & Unicorn Drink Floats (£9.99)

I am definitely getting myself some. Watch the space for a future inflatable goodies haul.

Essentials #2: Cute Towels!

Like as a fashionable individual, there is so much expectation that you will bring a bomb towel with you to the pool/beach. I feel so much better knowing that my towel looks good, do you feel me?!

So once again New Look majorly caught my eye with the towels which they have in stock at the moment.

Pineapple & Watermelon Towels (£24.99)

The one i love the most is probably the watermelon one. Are you team pineapple or team watermelon? Let me know in the comment section!

Essentials #3: Swimwear!

Girl, of you are looking for some amazing and affordable bikinis, then i recommend you go to Primark! I wish that they had an online store so that i could show you some of my favourite picks, but they currently do those high neck bikinis that are stunning. The bikini top is around £6 and the bottoms are like £4, so you’d only spend £10 on the full set!

Never forget to accessorise your beach look, personally, i will probably rock one of the below:

Maxi Kimono (£19.99) / Sarong Skirt (£14.99)

Essentials #4: Sliders!

I am meaning to buy a pair for such a long time now and i feel like summer is a perfect excuse just to go crazy and buy all sorts!

My two ultimate favourite sliders must be:

Ivy Park ( £20) / Grey Faux Fur (£19.99) Sliders

Well, that’s it for today guys! I hope that this post had put you in some summer loving spirit! I am counting down the days until semester two of uni is over and summer officially starts!

What are your upcoming essentials for this summer? Which shop do you think is rocking the beach essentials? Do you have any holidays planned? Let me know down in the comment section as i’d love to find out!

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Thanks for reading.


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None of these photos were taken by me but from authors on and New Look website.

17 thoughts on “This Summer’s Essentials & Wishlist!

  1. xoJenny says:

    Those inflatables are so fun, I saw a huge unicorn one on amazon and was so tempted to get it to just lay on lol I haven’t seen those beach towel ideas before though!!! The pineapple one is calling my name! So ready for summer eek!!! 🙂

    xo, JJ


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