No More Frizz! Get the Messy Curls Look

Hey, everyone!

How are you doing today? I am feeling very happy lately because the weather has been amazing! With amazing weather, i love to have my hair down & as voluminous as possible! With that comes frizz, because come on let’s face it – Scotland will always have humid air. Want to know how i fix that issue? In collaboration with Natural by Nature we will tell you!


I was kindly sent this Jane Carter Solution for incredible curls by the lovely Charlotte from Natural by Nature.

Before i go on to talk about the product, i want to tell you a bit about the brand. Their aim is to take care of all your hair needs and range from products for afro – wavy textured hair. My hair is slightly wavy in nature but i often love to create voluminous, messy curls if i have more time during my morning routine. Also, the products they sell are greatly derived from natural ingredients and contain no nasty chemicals!


Okay then! So above you can see the packaging of this little gem. It is very bright and simple looking, which i like a lot. It claims to add definition to your hair, eliminate frizz and strengthen it at the same time. The smell is so soothing and fresh, the formula is made out of shea butter, avocado (yummy) and jojoba oils. Sounds great, right?

The instructions tell you to apply the products smoothly from root to ends while the hair is wet. Then you need to either naturally dry it or blow dry it. Personally, i try avoiding blow drying because of how damaging the heat is, and hair care is very important to me! About 5 years ago i would straighten my hair to death and so i am very cautious of what i do with it now … did anyone else have that phase during their early teens?


Since i used this miracle worker, my curls are showing up more bouncy as you can see above. However, my hair is annoying and as much as i would love it, it does not always look like that.

Somedays it is more wavy/straight instead. I believe that using the incredible curls solution over a longer period of time will deeply condition my hair and train it to be more lively & bouncy!


I strongly recommend this product to all of you who constantly get annoyed with frizz or your curls disappearing due to too much straightening. Everything is fixable, you just have to take more care of your hair and watch what you put on it!

You can check out Natural by Nature here: Website | Instagram and see what other ranges they sell & find something that suits your hair type.

To buy the incredible curls by jane carter solution click here – it is only £12!


P.s. do you love how i went to the woods to get some photographs taken to match the theme of the brand? Nature is so beautiful!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and gained some motivation to start taking care of your hair too!

Have you ever had a phase of over straightening your hair? Do you have a hair disaster experience? Let me know down in the comment section below!

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Thanks for reading.



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7 thoughts on “No More Frizz! Get the Messy Curls Look

  1. I am sooo happy you shared this. I’ve been on the prowl for some sort of hair product that I can put in my hair after showering to give my hair that extra beachy wave on top of my semi wavy hair. I used to be an avid hair straightener kind of girl too but I hate adding heat to my hair and my natural hair is good however the waves vary on the day and how I sleep on it lol Totally going to check out this product!!!

    xo, JJ


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