New Cid Cosmetics: LIGHT UP i-pout & i-gloss Review

Hi everyone!

How are all of you doing today? I had such a busy week with my university work so i am kind of stressed. Today’s post was so fun to create because of the lip products being next level to what i’m used to haha! You will see what i have in mind later on.

Now get comfortable & enjoy!


Right, we will look at three lip products that retail at  MyShowcase from the brand called New Cid Cosmetics.

Personally, this is the first time that i have come across that brand, so of course, i did my little research to know a little more. New Cid was created by Kelly Colman and origins from a leading hair, makeover and photography salon. It aims to create products that every woman loves and enjoys using.

P.s i’m totally not trying to add some spring spirit into these photos with a daffodil i picked hehe…


The products i will review for you today are:

  • i-pout Light-Up Lipstick with Mirror
  • i-gloss Light-Up Lip Gloss with Mirror
  • Lip Brush


First, let’s have a look at the i-pout Light-Up Lipstick. As the name already says, it has a nice little mirror on its packaging and … IT FREAKING LIGHTS UP! Like, come on, if this does not take lip products to the next level, then i don’t know what does.

Basically, you have a little button at the bottom of the packaging that you click and tah dah – you have light! Not only does it look cool, but is also functional. Imagine this, you need to reapply your lipstick but it’s too dark and you can’t see. This lipstick has you covered! Just put your little light on and you are good to go.


The shade which i have is called “Desert Rose” / 1327. It’s a beautiful, muted rose shade that is so wearable! Usually, i wear nude shades but ever since swatching this baby, i cannot stop wearing it!


This is how it looks on my skin. It is very creamy in texture, its finish is somewhere in between matte and satin and it smells good too! In terms of durability, it stayed on very well and i only had to reapply it once! It is actually really good quality and fairly affordable too.

Rating: 10/10 | Price: £18 | Buy: Here


Then, we have the i-gloss Light-Up Lipgloss. Like the lipstick, it has the light-up feature within its packaging which is once again mega handy and cool. The shade i have is called “Tickled Pink” / 0501.

It is a lovely, darker pink that even i love … as you know i hardly wear pink, but this changed my mind! It also looks good paired with the Desert Rose lipstick. I put it in the middle of my bottom and top lip & it gives me a nice, pouty effect.

The durability again is long and most importantly the formula is non-tacky! The only thing i’d say is that i wish it was more pigmented, but i know it’s a lip gloss so it might not always be.

Rating: 9/10 | Price: £18.50 | Buy: Here



OFFER:  When you buy 1x i-pout lipstick & 1x i-gloss lipgloss from MyShowcase, you will get a cute little Lip Brush for FREE!

Overall, i think all three products are great. They are a great alternative to MAC lipsticks & lipglass’s as the quality is equally fantastic and the price range is very close to each other. Those who love to discover new brands, New Cid is worth checking out and MyShowcase sells lots of their products for a good deal!

Have you ever heard of New Cid Cosmetics? What do you think about the products i have reviewed today? I’d love to hear you out in the comment section below.:)

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Thanks for reading!


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This post is in collaboration with MyShowcase, i have made a post explaining that i am their latest #beautyboss ambassador (click here), and so these products were kindly sent to me by their team. This does not influence my opinions, i am always 100% genuine!

6 thoughts on “New Cid Cosmetics: LIGHT UP i-pout & i-gloss Review

  1. Jenoe says:

    Great review!!! I am just about to do my posts on Facebook and a review video on YouTube. It was nice to read your experience with them as well.


  2. It’s my first time to hear about this cosmetic brand, but they sure looks interesting. And wow, lipstick with lights sounds like a great innovation. Desert Rose is such a gorgeous shade too.

    Thanks for the great review, Karolina! 💕


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