18 Things You Realise While Being Eighteen

Hey, guys!

How are we all doing today? For those who don’t know, i was born on the 3rd of May 1998, meaning that i am turning 19 real soon! There is no better timing than now to reflect upon my life in the past year, of being 18, and what it taught me as a person.

I hope that some of you can even relate to my insights & enjoy this post!

1.   Although you are finally legal to buy alcohol and go clubbing, your ideal night will probably be staying in bed and watching Netflix instead (or is it just me haha).

2. You will always be running low on money as a student. 

3. As you hit eighteen, your pocket money will stop because you are an independent young woman who can support herself for any luxuries in life.

4. You will realise the importance of money but regardless of that still buy lots of stuff you really… don’t need.

5. Every single time you argue with your parents they will throw a quote at you, similar to this: “you are treating this place like a hotel, I pay the bills so your room is my room”.

6. But if you move out they will complain how much they want you back home because they miss your help.

7. Looking back, High School was not that bad… JOKES! Finally, you get away from the same people you had to spend six years (or more) with and get into a new, fresh environment of people; whether it will be uni, college or work! So don’t be afraid of this change – it will be so healthy for your mental wellbeing.

8. High School popularity means absolutely nothing once you leave that building. Your grades and the person you are get you so much further in life! The “mean girls” will have to start from zero as they get separated so, at the end, you will be at the same level.

9. You will probably keep minimum contact with your High School friends because everyone is so busy with their new lives. But when you do speak, it’s like you have seen them yesterday!

10. Although in the UK you can drive at 17, you will not have so much enthusiasm to get a licence and still not have it by 18. #guilty

11. DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON! If you have to get up – you gotta get up!

12. You will realise that Facebook is boring and a major waste of your time. It is. Really.

13. You will finally learn that people lie. A lot. That you cannot trust everyone that you cross your paths with as you never know how long they will stay in your life for.

14. People will always want something from you, and you can never be 100% sure of their motives.

15. Be open minded while socialising and making new friends – you will be surprised how many great friends you will make, even if they seem to be out of your usual friend material.

16. But being able to read people will get you further than anything else in life.

17. Less is almost always more. These words by Victoria Beckham really inspired me this year.


18. When you are nearly 19 and realised that 18 was not an exciting age at all! You are only gaining more years now and the time flies like crazy, so enjoy your every day like there is no tomorrow and make those lifetime lasting memories!

Well, i hope that everyone enjoyed this post! It is a little different to what i usually post, but it was so much fun to create! I will probably speak to you again on my birthday 😀

Which number above can you most relate to? Or if you are older than me, what were your most insightful realisations from when you were 18? I would love to hear you out down in the comment section below!

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Thanks for reading!


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12 thoughts on “18 Things You Realise While Being Eighteen

  1. I turn 18 in a few months and I’m actually not that excited, I’ll always be a bit of a kid watching parent trap on my Saturday. Absolutely loved this post it was so funny and pretty relatable even though I’m only 17 plus it showed me more of what’s to come haha xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aw, but that’s not a bad thing! I love the parent trap too! Thank you for your lovely comment, and i hope that once you turn 18 you can reflect yourself in a similar post too – i’d love to read that !xxx


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