Student Life: How To Survive A Long Day

Hey everyone!

As you might be aware from my previous post i am in my first year of being a law student! It has its ups and downs, but after all, i enjoy it and student life is a great experience.

I don’t actually know how many of you are students…  so please let me know in the comments,  that way i can see if any of the university life posts will be of an interest to you.

But for now, enjoy!

University is literally exhausting. This year i have chosen to commute and as a result, i have had insane wake up times and a majorly messed up sleeping pattern. You might think i’m over-exaggerating but in semester one i got up at 4 am on most days and went to sleep at around 12 am!

So it basically makes me an “expert” on how to survive a long day of lectures, tutorials and private study.

Ideally, my biggest tip would be to drink coffee, as for most people it will become a massive part of their life. I agree, you need all the extra energy boost as a student but at the same time you don’t want to start drinking these artificial energy drinks, nope! So coffee is naturally the answer. One problem – i don’t really like coffee, so i can’t follow my own ideal advice on this one.

Instead, i highly recommend a lovely Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks or Costa. It is for sure my go to drink; it tastes good and it has health benefits from the Chai seeds. Equally, an alternative drink that is definitely worth a go is an Almond Matcha Latte. Have any of you tried these before? Do you like them?


Now that an energy boost is sorted and you can proceed with the day, the second most useful thing i find as a student is doing your work everywhere else other than your house! This will hopefully motivate you to do what you need to do without the distraction of watching the TV or your favourite Netflix shows.

I mean, who wants to be seen in public watching videos? Save it for your spare time at home! Looking busy with university work makes you look much more important haha! Also, this trick helps me to stay awake because i actually have to sit at a table rather than lie down in my bed.


I personally love to spend my time at a Costa within either a busy shopping centre or one that is situated within a book store. Before you ask, i cannot work in complete silence! So the shoppers around me do not bother me one bit. Besides, i can always choose the bookstore surrounding for a more peaceful setup.


Lastly always, and i mean ALWAYS carry a watch on you! I lost the track of how many times my iPhone died and i felt so unorganised and disorientated. Hmmm… actually to be a more sensible student try to carry a charger with you 24/7 because you never know when you will need it.

Time keeping is a key to success they say – try to have access to it at all times. Think about what time you will get back to your halls/house as it gives you something to look forward to!

Well guys,  i hope you all enjoyed this little post and as i said please let me know if it’s at all something you’d like to read more of in the future. I have my semester two exams literally throughout the next two weeks and i am so nervous.

I would love to know what degree you are studying, or if you are still in High School let me know what your future career ambition is, down in the comment section.

P.s if you love stationary… one of my earlier posts might interest you, click here to read.

Like, comment, share and follow – nothing means more to me than interacting with you all, so keep on being brilliant!

Thanks for reading.


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17 thoughts on “Student Life: How To Survive A Long Day

  1. 4am! That is commitment! 🙂 I can work at home OK but I know a lot of people who can’t! Do you find you miss out on student life by living at home? I’ve always lived in halls/away from home because it’s way too far to commute.

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    • Big commitment haha! I don’t think i’m missing out at student life at all, i can still do everything my friends in halls do but without paying the huge monthly rent and other expenses! I think that if you live not too far from the campus, and can afford the travel costs well then halls are not a necessity!

      How are your studies coming along? What degree are you doing?

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  2. quoththecorvids says:

    I’m a third year English student and I can 100% confirm that a Chai latte does wonders when you’ve been up for 30 hours!
    I always think that the best way to keep going when you are facing more work than you can handle is to remember why you are there. I love my course and that seems to make up for the exhaustion x

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  3. Love the way you write! The toastie pic made me hungry though haha! I’m a 2nd (almost 3rd) year medical sciences student and can totally relate to having to survive fast paced days. I was wondering about your decision to commute to uni and what effect do you think it’s had on your social life if any? 🙂 I’ve also just posted about taking a little distance away from your degree if you’re interested!


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