Cutest Organic Cafe Ever?!

Hello, everyone!

Firstly, sorry about my absence on Wednesday but i was feeling rather uninspired. It’s June – a new month and nearly summer! I really wanted to start new food series for all the foodies around here! I love exploring new restaurants, cafès and just food recipes in general – this is why i’m starting foodie Friday’s! I want to share with you all what i think of different places and recommend any for you to check out!


The other month my parents and I have gone out for lunch which we hardly ever do due to our busy schedules. As most of you already know, i live in Scotland! I know that many of you readers are also from here, so why not start of the series with a more geographically local review of a new organic cafè that recently opened in Arbroath.

The cafè is called “Bearpig” and this was my first time going there for food. It is meant to be very organic and use all fresh ingredient – on which i can say 100% they do!

The place itself is quite small and quiet, it is ideal for a catch up with your family or friends, as you can actually hear yourself speak unlike some bigger chains of restaurants.


As you can see, the interior design is so; retro, rustic, quirky and i love it! I am totally digging these lamps.


They have used pages of books and tales to decorate their cabinets and some walls, which is such an amazing idea! It made the place look unique.


Another thing that i really liked was that the kitchen was behind the counter and so you could see your food & drink being prepared!


P.s i’m sorry if i look unimpressed – my mum took this while i was day dreaming haha!

Now, let’s get to the food part, shall we? I ordered this:


A super-green fruit and veg smoothie that was delicious, i believe the kind owner told me that they make fresh smoothies based on what ingredients they have on the day & colour coordinate them to make this tasty drink!

I literally cannot remember what this type of bread was called so i will update you once it comes back to me. I forget the littlest things, is anyone else like this while blogging?! Either way, i got it panini style with ham, cheese and salad inside. Basic but yummy. On the sides, i got some potato chips and a lovely salad dish. The salad was made from; apples, cabbage, carrots, broccolis and radish! Totally recommend it.

The prices were very fair and affordable for what you get – i think my meal bill came to around £9.

Overall, i really like this place and if i’m ever around Arbroath again i will most definitely pop back in for something to eat! I rate it 9/10! I hope that you will enjoy reading my series as much as i like writing them. As i said, there will be a real variation of posts in this and they will probably not be as local anymore!

However, if you do live nearby here is the address and social media handles for the cafè:

22 West Newgate, Arbroath, Scotland DD11 1BY , Facebook | Instagram

What is your favourite smoothie made out of? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Thanks for reading!

*This post was not sponsored, i just genuinely wanted to share with you a review on it.*


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6 thoughts on “Cutest Organic Cafe Ever?!

  1. This is such a cozy place to unwind and relax and catch up with friends. I love the design and the ambience. Thanks for sharing, Karolina!

    My favorite smoothie would have to be a strawberry smoothie. Yum! 🍓

    Liked by 1 person

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