Drugstore Dupe For ABH Aurora Glow Kit

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HAPPY 1st OF AUGUST! I hope that you are all super well today. I have been obsessing over the latest Aurora Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills (if you can’t already tell, i have been blogging about it like crazy! While looking at my make-up collection, i have realised that i own a very good & close dupe to this Glow Kit that is drugstore *yuss*. So i hope this post is useful to all of you who want this Glow Kit, but not necessarily spend the money on it.

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Lets get started – i have already closely reviewed the ABH Aurora Glow Kit in THIS POST if you are interedted about the pro’s and con’s. In this post here i will jump straight to the point.

A very close dupe for more than half of the price is …. from SLEEK!


Sleek is a well known drugstore brand for their affordable but truly blinding highlighters.

The Sleek palette i am talking about is the Solstice palette – it has been out in the market for the longest time now, but have any of you noticed that the shades are very close to those of the Aurora Glow Kit that has been not long released? Even the names have a similar vibe. Take a look…


The Sleek Solstice palette can be purchased in any drugstore, if you live in the UK i recommend looking in Superdrug where you can buy it for £9.99 | SHOP HERE |. The Aurora Glow Kit retails for £39 on BeautyBay | SHOP HERE |.

Of course, the outer packaging is well off to the ABH Aurora Glow Kit, but don’t let that put you off. The inner conent is a real gem here – besides the gold, mirrored packaging is cute right?!

The Solstice palette contains the following shades: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar and Equinox. Then in comparison, you can see the names of the Aurora Glow Kit below. The biggest difference of these two palettes is that Solstice contains one cream highlighter (Ecliptic) whereas the Aurora one has all six powders.


If you read my Aurora Glow Kit REVIEW, you will know that these six shades have different hues of colour to them on a swatch than in the pan. Below, you can see a comparison of what i class as a good dupe!



There we go! Three / six close drugstore dupes found for the ABH Aurora Glow Kit. The only one that is slightly off is Hemisphere compared to Spectra, but that can be easily fixed by mixing it with some pink eyeshadow for the pigment.


Overall, i 100% recommend you to get the Sleek Solstice palette for £9.99 if you are unsure of spending £39 on the Aurora Glow Kit. It will save you exactly £29.01! Although they are not entirely identical, they have very close similarities that will allow you to play around and achieve similar looks. Both products have an amazing pigment payoff and are hella blinding!

Did you know about this dupe? What do you think of them both compared to each other? I’d love to hear you out in the comment section below.:)

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24 thoughts on “Drugstore Dupe For ABH Aurora Glow Kit

  1. InYourFace says:

    Oh wow this is such a siiick looking dupe!! Would love to try it! I havent been too impressed by sleek products tbh, but wouldnt mind giving this one a shot!

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