Recent Thoughts…

Hello everyone!

I took some time to myself the other day and decided upon a few things.

First of all, as much as i love blogging it is not my future career path – law is. As soon as my university starts again i am going to put all of my energy and time into it! Secondly, i am much happier while off social media as i get the time and mentality to enjoy the things that really matter to me.

That is the main reason why i will be quite absent on this blog from now onwards – i hope you all undrstand!

I will still post every so often, and whenever i have exciting post ideas! Growing up makes you realise what is really important in life and i think i am now hitting that stage.

I love you all so much, and i hope you all stick around here! Any unfinished collaborations will of course be fulfilled asap.

The past few years have been amazing on wordpress and the power of social media is so overwhelming (in a good and bad way).

I will still be active on my main instagram page @karolinaarii so catch me there if you need!

Until next time.

Lots of love,

Love K.

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