Business Enquiries


If you have found yourself on this page then this means that you have some business in mind.

I absolutely love collaborating with new/established businesses for my blog and Instagram. Whether it is for a review, giveaway, advertisement or ambassadorship I am optimistic to make it work for us both.

I have an ever so growing following on Instagram which at the moment includes amazing 7,694 people. My blog currently enjoys over 700 followers. The readers of my blog & Instagram commonly fit into the age segment of 18-24 years old. They are beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel lovers. On average my blog receives over 2,000 views per month.


Divided  into the top five countries that my readers come from:

Blog: 1. United Kingdom, 2. USA, 3. Canada, 4. India, 5. Australia

Instagram: 1. United Kingdom, 2. USA, 3. Germany, 4. France, 5. Australia.

Any additional information can be requested & I am happy to provide it.

If you think that the audience I target is the one you want to advertise to, please contact me / and we can arrange a collaboration.

My Collaboration Portfolio:

Beauty – Lady Burgundy; Coveted Collection, MyShowcase

Fashion – New Look; Secret Halo; Lily and Rose; Perii London; Mink & Stone

Lifestyle – Skinny Coffee Club

Current Roles:

Ambassador for MyShowcase