London Sea Life Aquarium: Way Too Much Fun (5 min read)

Hey you all!

Have you read my London: Sightseeing Gallery & Surprises post? If yes then great, if not then definitely give it a look! 🙂

Now let’s bring out your inner child in this post as we will see so many cool creatures.

P.s some photos may be quite dark because I was not allowed to put my flash on in case it scared the animals! Hope you understand. x



First awesome attraction is the clear glass tunnel as you walk into the building. It was actually quite scary to walk next to massive sharks! So much trust had to be put in to that glass layer.

Generally speaking I was so happy to be able to visit this aquarium. It was for sure the biggest that I’ve ever been to and the animals seemed to be looked after well.

That place literally made me turn into a little girl again, who got very excited to see wee fish and weird sea creatures.

This Sea Life aquarium had different sections, dividing species from different parts of the world. There was so much to look at!


Above are some strange looking types of star fish, although I can’t remember what they were called.


And here are some funky, living plants! By living I mean they moved all the time and in their own way interacted with the little fish in their tank. Or maybe this was some type of fish and not a plant? But I don’t see a tale…? If anyone knows what this is please tell me haha!


I was told that the above star fish is the biggest of its kind in Europe (for now). The photo doesn’t do the justice, it was at least twice as big as my hand in reality!

Octopuses. They love to play with toys and perform logical tasks, I mean I did not know that they are so intelligent! Did you?


* A grumpy fish.*


I’m literally so bad at naming sea species, I do apologise! But this one was so funny! It kept trying to make me laugh and played peek-a-boo for ages!


At the time of my visit, this aquarium was sponsoring and promoting Finding Dory. There was a whole room dedicated to the movie with all the fish that played in it too!


Whenever anyone asks me what my favourite animal is, I will always say turtles and tortoises!

The photo above is hilarious. Imagine if the turtles were having a serious meeting and there was me standing staring at them haha!

I must say I was very surprised to see a penguin section. Me and Lyall must have watched them for a good half an hour, observing how they play in the water and run around! There was a bit to peek your head through into their home, and once again I made a little penguin friend. Lyall wanted one too, but no penguin came to see him… *sad violin music played*.

Lastly, as you exit the building there is a cake that you walk in to see the sharks up close. A good way to end the sea life tour!

Overall, I would definitely go back to this aquarium. There were so many different species to see and the place provides you with lots of information around the fish tanks so you learn. Although, as you could probably tell I didn’t really learn many fish names … oops.

What’s your favourite animal? Let me know 🙂

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Thanks for reading & looking at all my photos.

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London: Sightseeing Gallery & Surprises (5 min read)

Hi everyone! 🙂

As you may have read in the London Baby! post I had the chance to be there for four days. Today I will share with you my favourite places I saw and experiences I had while on the trip.



For out trip we have stayed with Lyall’s family, in the lovely town of Weybridge, and so we had to take the train to London on most days.


Of course the first noticeable thing we went to see was the London Eye. It’s massive! We did not go on it during this trip as we already have done so back in 2013. For those wondering it takes around 30 minutes for the London Eye to spin once. You do get a wonderful view of London though, so if you ever get the chance to then definitely go on it!


That day was so gloomy and rainy … but it’s okay, I’m so used to this weather anyway haha!


I could not resist walking into the Shrek’s Adventure’s gift shop, I mean look at those adorable baby Shrek’s and the Gingerbread Man! I wanted them all!


I then went to the London Sea Life Aquarium – so amazing! I took so many photos there that I will need to make another post on it, so keep your eyes out for this as it will be up tomorrow (Saturday).


By the time that I got out of the London Sea Life Aquarium the rain had stopped, yay, and we could finally continue exploring the city without an umbrella.


The next big attraction was the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. It was then that I was told that Big Ben was in fact the bell inside of the clock. Who knew this before? I was mind blown haha!



*Lyall being a typical tourist*




To travel around London we have in fact hired bicycles for the day, it was such a great idea! Not only did I exercise while sightseeing, but we were not stuck in the traffic once and did not have to worry about parking. I wish more (if any) cities in Scotland had bike hire stations.



The Buckingham Palace. I hope that one day I get the chance to tour it inside!


I can’t believe that these guards have to stand there all day long with minimal movement. I could never do that for living!


It’s also so funny to look back at photos I took and see people posing or taking their own photos.



I took the underground once or twice and It was so confusing. You need to get on or off so fast that it leaves you minimal time to think. I admire people who take it daily – you must be pro’s!


And my favourite place to spend time in London is for sure the Trafalgar Square. There are always so many talented people showcasing their work there and you have plenty of restaurants/shops around to buy food from and enjoy it at the Square.

Lastly, on our final night in London I had a big surprise! Below is a little hint for you guys that are curious what it is and can maybe figure? You will find out exactly where I was or what I did on Monday’s post! *exciting*. 🙂


I hope that you guys like this style of posts, filled with pictures rather than massive paragraphs, as personally I always find gallery based travel posts so entertaining!

Have you ever been to London? Let me know in the comments.

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Adventure Continues: Time For Poland (2 min read)

Hi, how are you all doing? I hope that the answer is great!

I have been doing quite a lot traveling this week, a few days ago I was in London and today I’m moving on to visiting Poland for a week. The flight from Glasgow to Crakow will take around two and a half hours, not too bad I guess, but I feel so uncomfortable being in the air! The thought of falling freaks me out.

As some of you may know I originally come from Poland and this time I’m going back to pay a visit to my grandparents and to explore my home town! I definitely want to go to Sephora as my shopping priority. We do not have Sephora here in the UK, so I can’t freaking wait!

Are any of you from Poland? Or have you ever visited Poland before? Let me know in the comment section below!

As always some exciting content is scheduled for you for Mondays and Fridays!

See you later. x

Love, K.

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London Baby! (1 min read)

Hello my lovely readers.

I’m going on another travel adventure before university starts – for the next four days it’s London!

I am mega excited to explore this wonderful city – I will post a lot of photos on my Instagram page (I will leave a link to it below) if you want to stay tuned to what I’m up to. I will as always make a post after I’m back on here too!

Do any of my followers live in London? What is there to see and do you recommend any cafés/restaurants? It would be so nice to hear from you in the comments.

I hope that you guys have a lovely week, I have scheduled some exciting posts in advance for this Monday and Friday, be sure to read them once they’re up. 🙂

Love, K.

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Isle of Skye: What It There To See (5 min read)

Hello guys!

How are you all doing?

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my previous post, if you have not read it yet, it’s cool just click here.

* I know that i said i will post the travel related articles on Wednesdays, but i was so busy with work this week. This was the only post i had actually scheduled ahead so i will publish it today. *

While on my road trip I was very lucky to be able to explore all of the beautiful Isle of Skye! In this post I will share with you the best tourist attractions that are a must see if you ever get the chance to go.

Let’s get straight into it!

Starting in no particular order:

1. Coral Beach, Claigan


It takes about 20 minutes of walking to get to the Coral Beach itself. This little rock beach is just around the corner from it –  rather interesting. This circle was already there, and I don’t know who would be bothered to take time and effort to make it? Anyway, while on your walk you get to come so close to highland cows that are wondering around the same path too!


There is such an amazing view towards the other corners of the Isle, it makes you feel like you’re at the edge of the world – just the Isle and the Ocean around you.


At the start I thought it was all sand beneath my feet …


But after a few minutes I have realised that the beach was called a Coral Beach for a reason.


And the reason being – there is no sand! The beach is made out of bits of coral and shells, I found this so cool. I’ve never been to such a place before.

2. Fairy Pools, Glenbrittle


My original plans included jumping in the water and diving under the underwater arch, however, the water was ice cold and I couldn’t even dip my toe into it. Shoutout to Lyall who did jump in but only because other tourist were cheering on him. #peerpressure



3. Skye Museum Of Island Life, Kilmuir


This place had quirky buildings and showed you exactly what houses looked back then. Got to love a bit of history. Listening to Gaelic conversations was very entertaining too.


4. Castle Ruins

I’m not too sure what castle this was, but it most definitely had a great view!






5. Portree

This is the capital town of the Isle of Skye. It has all the shops and tourist information points that you need! Its harbour is very colourful and looks great on pictures!




6. An Lethallt, Staffin

This is a great view point towards the Kilt Rock.




(There was a lot of mist, that’s why the photo seems faded)

You reached the end! I hope that you like this post and the pictures of the Isle of Skye. It’s a really nice place to go to if you get a chance! Don’t forget that I will be posting travel related posts every Wednesday for the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

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Speak to you all in my next post. x

Love, K.

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Scottish Highlands: Rogie Falls, Contin (2 min read)


So finally I found time to look through all my photos from the North Coast 500 (NC500) road trip that I did during July.

Like for the Queens Garden Party, I will be making these travel posts into various series throughout the next couple of weeks. They will probably include more photos than writing in which case I’ll potentially post them every Wednesday, which still means that you still get proper posts every Monday and Friday.

Hope you enjoy them!


It was my first time exploring the Scottish Highlands and I found it amusing how people spoke Gaelic here. Even the signs were duo-lingual! It felt as if I had gone to another country, but in reality this was about 4 hours from my town.

I really liked walking through the forest prior to reaching the waterfall, it was so peaceful and you could really get things off your mind and enjoy the scenery. As per, it rained for a little while … but then the sun began to shine through the trees (yay)!


To be completely honest, no way will the photos EVER capture how beautiful the scenery actually was! The water was obviously constantly flowing, which made it harder to focus my IPhone 6 camera. However, these falls were huge and you could even see some cool salmon fish jumping (yep JUMPING) in the opposite direction from the water flow. Mind blowing, how can they do that?!


On top of that, the falls had a long hanging bridge overviewing the water. It was kind of scary for me to walk on it because I have a fear of heights … but hey I did it for the photo!


For anyone who is interested in visiting Rogie Falls, here’s the postcode: IV14 9EQ.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post! I promise they will only get better; beautiful beaches, castles and islands coming soon!

Have you ever visited Scotland? Where did you go or would you like to visit here? I would love to find out!

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I’m Going Camping! (2 min read)


I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m away on a seven/eight days camping trip around the North Coast of Scotland as of this very second. This will be the reason behind my slow replies to any emails/comments as I don’t know how often I will get 3G. I’ll try my best though.

When I’m back I will add so much travel content for you so keep your eyes out! I’m super excited, especially after creating my travel plan last night.

Oh, don’t worry about me missing blog posts because I have plenty of great reads scheduled for you throughout the next week. I am organised for once, I swear!

Have you ever gone camping? What are your experiences/thoughts on it? So far I’ve only been once before, so this should be an interesting adventure!

I’ll catch up with you later guys!

Love, K.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Gdańsk, Poland (5 min read)

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well.

I have quite a lot to catch you up on, so let’s start with my last holiday I went on in April, 2016.

Although my roots originate from Poland, for the first time (ever) I had visited a Baltic coast city there. Gdańsk, together with neighbouring Gdynia and Sopot, forms a large metropolitan area called Tricity. I was very lucky and managed to explore both Gdańsk and Sopot during my tight on schedule holiday, but in this post I will only focus on Gdańsk. Moreover, the weather was absolutely fantastic and the exchange rate from British Pounds to Zlotych was unreal. I lived the rich life for a week haha!

Flag of Gdańsk

Let’s get straight into it.

Top 5 Places:

1. Old Town

The Old Town is a very charming area of Gdańsk. Not only is it amazing for sightseeing  colourful architecture, but there are also various museums, restaurants and attractions all around you. One key tip if you want to go to any museums is… definitely do it on a Tuesday! This is because they are all free that day! Below you will find some photographs that I took at the Old Town.




Night Time: During the night the streets light up and it looks magical. Many local talents come out on the streets to entertain the tourist too.



Favourite Restaurant at the Old Town: Mojito!


Mojito serves traditional Polish cusine with a hint of a modern touch. The prices are amazing for what you get and the staff there are so friendly. As a bonus, they have a sit out area on the Old Town where you get supplied with cosy blankets and are surrounded by fireplaces. So original! Below you can see some of the food I ate while there. First picture shows a traditional Gdańsk breakfast and the second picture shows some cheese and herbs toasts and a Zurek soup inside the round bread.



2. Neptune’s Fountain

Neptune’s fountain is a MUST see. It is a symbol of the city so you have to have a picture there! At night, it lights up which makes it even more spectacular.


3. Mariacka Street

It is a side road from the Old Town, with many Amber Stone shops to visit and gorgeous backgrounds for every blogger to have a photo-shoot at.




4. Solidarity Museum & Three Crosses Monument

For history lovers, this is a real treat. What’s better than getting to visit the heart of where a stand against Communism began, which later inspired other countries to free themselves too.

The very rustic building on the outside is an exact replica of the building that used to be there, and it is surprisingly modern on the inside with a lot of greenery and technology. In addition, the museum is very interactive and holds a lot of exhibits that teach you about the crushing of Communism in Poland.





5. St. Catherine’s Church

You’re not a big fan of visiting such places? Don’t be put off giving this building a visit just because it is a Church. Many don’t know about this, but you can actually climb abut 410 steps up on it’s tower and get an amazing panorama of the city and even further! There is an entry fee of about 6 zl, and students get a discount! If you have luggage on you, there is an information desk there which allows you to leave it behind. I mean nothing worse than dragging up bags up narrow stairs, right? P.s, do go to the toilet before hand, back in the days they didn’t think of building toilets up the towers.



Let me know what you think of Gdańsk after reading this post, and if you are considering visiting any of the places. Maybe you live near/in Gdańsk? – then let me know your top 5 places to visit there !
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