SOAP BROWS – Something That You Need To Try!

Hello everyone,

Yes. You read the title correctly and no, I am not going crazy. The soap brows are in trend and I AM SO HERE FOR IT! To all my ladies/gentlemen out there who have sparse brows and want thickness, volume and a natural finish – this one is for you. Enjoy!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Powder Contour Kit (5 min read)


So today I want to review the ever so loved by most beauty gurus ABH Pro Series Contour Kit.

I got mines in May this year as a birthday gift and ever since I have rigorously used it every single day.  To find out what I think about it … carry on reading!


This contour kit has always been viewed as a “classic” and a “must have” in your make up collection. I would say this is partially true; I feel that make-up beginners may in fact struggle to use this product as a lot of brush techniques are involved to apply it, but then for more advanced individuals this will be a holy grail.


My ABH contour kit is in the shade “light to medium” and features six decadent facial powders designed to contour, sculpt and highlight the complexion; “Java”, “Vanilla”, “Fawn”, “Havana”, “Sand” and “Banana”.


  • Sand – Soft beige for light to medium skin with warm and neutral undertones.
  • Vanilla – Peachy nude for light to medium skin with warm beige undertones.
  • Banana – Warm nude which universally flatters all undertones.
  • Java – Soft mocha for light to medium skin with cool olive undertones.
  • Fawn – Toffee nude for light to medium skin with cool, beige and olive undertones.
  • Havana – Coffee brown for light to medium skin with warm olive undertones.


My most used shades without a doubt are “Banana”, “Java” and “Fawn”. I use “Banana” for highlighting the bridge of my nose, under eyes and cheekbones. “Java” is the darker shade that I contour with and “Fawn” is ideal for creating a shadow for more hollowed cheeks. The powder is easy to blend and mega pigmented as I would expect for the price of the product (£39.00). It’s very high quality and I simply became addicted to this kit! It really impressed me with its staying power too as even after a trip to the gym it looks untouched.


Another great thing is that the pans are refillable and the palette itself is magnetic. This especially comes handy if one shade is very loved – you can just buy another one and put it back into the palette.

The only con that I need to mention is that the colours are more warm toned than cool toned and may look more orange on fair skinned people. For me this is not really a problem as I have a tanned complexion but just wanted to give a heads up to those who are more pale and are considering this kit.


Overall, this product is so worth they hype. I can’t imagine using any other contour kit after this.

Since I live in the UK it is hard to find stores which sell ABH cosmetics due to it’s American origin. For now the only online store I buy my Anastasia products from is BeautyBay. They give me a free, tracked shipment on all orders and sell many American goodies that I would not otherwise be able to get my hands on! Click here to shop.

Hope you enjoyed reading my review, have any of you used this product before? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

Speak soon,

Love, K.

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