Adventure Continues: Time For Poland (2 min read)

Hi, how are you all doing? I hope that the answer is great!

I have been doing quite a lot traveling this week, a few days ago I was in London and today I’m moving on to visiting Poland for a week. The flight from Glasgow to Crakow will take around two and a half hours, not too bad I guess, but I feel so uncomfortable being in the air! The thought of falling freaks me out.

As some of you may know I originally come from Poland and this time I’m going back to pay a visit to my grandparents and to explore my home town! I definitely want to go to Sephora as my shopping priority. We do not have Sephora here in the UK, so I can’t freaking wait!

Are any of you from Poland? Or have you ever visited Poland before? Let me know in the comment section below!

As always some exciting content is scheduled for you for Mondays and Fridays!

See you later. x

Love, K.

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London Baby! (1 min read)

Hello my lovely readers.

I’m going on another travel adventure before university starts – for the next four days it’s London!

I am mega excited to explore this wonderful city – I will post a lot of photos on my Instagram page (I will leave a link to it below) if you want to stay tuned to what I’m up to. I will as always make a post after I’m back on here too!

Do any of my followers live in London? What is there to see and do you recommend any cafés/restaurants? It would be so nice to hear from you in the comments.

I hope that you guys have a lovely week, I have scheduled some exciting posts in advance for this Monday and Friday, be sure to read them once they’re up. 🙂

Love, K.

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Queens Garden Party (Part 3): The Experience (5 min read)

Hi everyone,

Here is the long expected post on how was the Queens Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Previously I posted Part 1 on Hair & Make-up (click here) and Part 2 on the Outfits (click here). Be sure to check them all out!

To find out all the details carry on reading…

The Invitation:

The invitation came addressed to me directly by Lord Chamberlain from the Palace of the Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh. In my envelope there were a lot of directions on how to behave at the Palace premises and what to bring with me. I believe that I was invited to this event by being Head Girl at my school for the session of 2015/16 and have made a positive impact on the local community. However, as I will mention later In the post, other people that I spoke to there were invited for many different reasons.


I was lucky to travel by car with my friends, because Edinburgh is around 2 hours drive from where I stay. I can’t imagine taking a train by myself in such a fancy outfit too – imagine the looks I would get?! Anyway, as we got to the Palace, we got parked up in a field and began to explore the grounds.

Hanging Around in Edinburgh:

We arrived in Edinburgh two hours early, so we had to kill our time somehow. We decided to go to Starbucks on the bottom of the Royal Mile and grab something to eat for our late lunch. We were so dressed up that the tourists must have thought that we were some important people haha! They kept taking pictures of us, making us feel famous, we loved it really.

After that we walked around the front of the Scottish Parliament and Main Gates of the Palace. We even got a photo with one of the Queens Guards!


Then it was time to enter the Palace.



Megan, Mollie, Heather and I had to line up in a massive queue before the security checks. It started to rain and we worried for our hair and make-up, thankfully we had some umbrellas to save this situation! It was also very windy and I nearly wacked someone behind me in the face #embarrassing. However, the queue was running smoothly and we got to the security guard in no time. Only then have I noticed that my surname was misspelt on the invitation … I was lucky they still let me at that point as they were making a big fuss about it.

Palace of Holyroodhouse  Grounds:


As we entered the garden premises it was instantly busy. At least 10,000 people were there by 4pm and the number only grew as the day went on. Since the gardens were enormous, it didn’t feel that packed at times which was for sure a positive thing! The Palace looked gorgeous, and the picnic tables & sitting areas looked adorable.


There were a couple of big gazebos that served food and drinks. I fell in love with their iced coffee and little rectangular sandwiches! Although, there was one sandwich that I will never forget the taste of (in a bad way…) as it contained cucumbers and fresh mint leafs – ew.


Most of the food had a symbol of Her Majesty, which made me even more excited to be there.

After hanging around for an hour, the National Anthem was played by a Military Band that announced the arrival of the Queen and the Members of the Royal Family.


As the Royal Figures came down the Palace Stairs (on a red carpet haha) we all clapped and watched them parade around the garden grounds.



The Queen was wearing an adorable yellow outfit! She was so small and so cute! Unfortunately William and Kate with their little kids did not attend (sigh) but there were quite a few other Royal Figures to see anyway! I was lucky enough to be just a meter away from them all, so I had a very good view. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to speak to any of them.

What other Royals attended:

  • Princess Ann
  • Prince Charles
  • Prince Edward
  • Prince Phillip


I was so happy to see that Nicola Sturgeon was there too!

After their half an hour long parade, the important figures went to the Royal Tea Tent and my friends & I decided to socialise and take photographs.


I got to speak to a couple of people – the first one was a married couple who got invited for their volunteering commitment abroad, second was a soldier that went through a near death experience while serving the country and some were simply invited because they were committed to charity fund raising. As you can see, there was a real variety towards the reasons of why was someone invited.

Overall, this was an amazing experience and I am so proud of my achievements that got me an invitation there. It was surely the biggest Garden Party that I have ever attended and it was at a Palace – nothing will ever beat this! It was also so cool to see the Royal members and a key Scottish politician so closely as well.

This would be the last post in the Queens Garden Party series. I hope that you enjoyed reading it! Have you ever went to a fancy garden party yourself?

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See you all later,

Love, K.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Gdańsk, Poland (5 min read)

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well.

I have quite a lot to catch you up on, so let’s start with my last holiday I went on in April, 2016.

Although my roots originate from Poland, for the first time (ever) I had visited a Baltic coast city there. Gdańsk, together with neighbouring Gdynia and Sopot, forms a large metropolitan area called Tricity. I was very lucky and managed to explore both Gdańsk and Sopot during my tight on schedule holiday, but in this post I will only focus on Gdańsk. Moreover, the weather was absolutely fantastic and the exchange rate from British Pounds to Zlotych was unreal. I lived the rich life for a week haha!

Flag of Gdańsk

Let’s get straight into it.

Top 5 Places:

1. Old Town

The Old Town is a very charming area of Gdańsk. Not only is it amazing for sightseeing  colourful architecture, but there are also various museums, restaurants and attractions all around you. One key tip if you want to go to any museums is… definitely do it on a Tuesday! This is because they are all free that day! Below you will find some photographs that I took at the Old Town.




Night Time: During the night the streets light up and it looks magical. Many local talents come out on the streets to entertain the tourist too.



Favourite Restaurant at the Old Town: Mojito!


Mojito serves traditional Polish cusine with a hint of a modern touch. The prices are amazing for what you get and the staff there are so friendly. As a bonus, they have a sit out area on the Old Town where you get supplied with cosy blankets and are surrounded by fireplaces. So original! Below you can see some of the food I ate while there. First picture shows a traditional Gdańsk breakfast and the second picture shows some cheese and herbs toasts and a Zurek soup inside the round bread.



2. Neptune’s Fountain

Neptune’s fountain is a MUST see. It is a symbol of the city so you have to have a picture there! At night, it lights up which makes it even more spectacular.


3. Mariacka Street

It is a side road from the Old Town, with many Amber Stone shops to visit and gorgeous backgrounds for every blogger to have a photo-shoot at.




4. Solidarity Museum & Three Crosses Monument

For history lovers, this is a real treat. What’s better than getting to visit the heart of where a stand against Communism began, which later inspired other countries to free themselves too.

The very rustic building on the outside is an exact replica of the building that used to be there, and it is surprisingly modern on the inside with a lot of greenery and technology. In addition, the museum is very interactive and holds a lot of exhibits that teach you about the crushing of Communism in Poland.





5. St. Catherine’s Church

You’re not a big fan of visiting such places? Don’t be put off giving this building a visit just because it is a Church. Many don’t know about this, but you can actually climb abut 410 steps up on it’s tower and get an amazing panorama of the city and even further! There is an entry fee of about 6 zl, and students get a discount! If you have luggage on you, there is an information desk there which allows you to leave it behind. I mean nothing worse than dragging up bags up narrow stairs, right? P.s, do go to the toilet before hand, back in the days they didn’t think of building toilets up the towers.



Let me know what you think of Gdańsk after reading this post, and if you are considering visiting any of the places. Maybe you live near/in Gdańsk? – then let me know your top 5 places to visit there !
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Love, K.

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