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Firstly, sorry about my absence on Wednesday but i was feeling rather uninspired. It’s June – a new month and nearly summer! I really wanted to start new food series for all the foodies around here! I love exploring new restaurants, cafès and just food recipes in general – this is why i’m starting foodie Friday’s! I want to share with you all what i think of different places and recommend any for you to check out!


Top 5 Places To Visit In Gdańsk, Poland (5 min read)

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I have quite a lot to catch you up on, so let’s start with my last holiday I went on in April, 2016.

Although my roots originate from Poland, for the first time (ever) I had visited a Baltic coast city there. Gdańsk, together with neighbouring Gdynia and Sopot, forms a large metropolitan area called Tricity. I was very lucky and managed to explore both Gdańsk and Sopot during my tight on schedule holiday, but in this post I will only focus on Gdańsk. Moreover, the weather was absolutely fantastic and the exchange rate from British Pounds to Zlotych was unreal. I lived the rich life for a week haha!

Flag of Gdańsk

Let’s get straight into it.

Top 5 Places:

1. Old Town

The Old Town is a very charming area of Gdańsk. Not only is it amazing for sightseeing  colourful architecture, but there are also various museums, restaurants and attractions all around you. One key tip if you want to go to any museums is… definitely do it on a Tuesday! This is because they are all free that day! Below you will find some photographs that I took at the Old Town.




Night Time: During the night the streets light up and it looks magical. Many local talents come out on the streets to entertain the tourist too.



Favourite Restaurant at the Old Town: Mojito!


Mojito serves traditional Polish cusine with a hint of a modern touch. The prices are amazing for what you get and the staff there are so friendly. As a bonus, they have a sit out area on the Old Town where you get supplied with cosy blankets and are surrounded by fireplaces. So original! Below you can see some of the food I ate while there. First picture shows a traditional Gdańsk breakfast and the second picture shows some cheese and herbs toasts and a Zurek soup inside the round bread.



2. Neptune’s Fountain

Neptune’s fountain is a MUST see. It is a symbol of the city so you have to have a picture there! At night, it lights up which makes it even more spectacular.


3. Mariacka Street

It is a side road from the Old Town, with many Amber Stone shops to visit and gorgeous backgrounds for every blogger to have a photo-shoot at.




4. Solidarity Museum & Three Crosses Monument

For history lovers, this is a real treat. What’s better than getting to visit the heart of where a stand against Communism began, which later inspired other countries to free themselves too.

The very rustic building on the outside is an exact replica of the building that used to be there, and it is surprisingly modern on the inside with a lot of greenery and technology. In addition, the museum is very interactive and holds a lot of exhibits that teach you about the crushing of Communism in Poland.





5. St. Catherine’s Church

You’re not a big fan of visiting such places? Don’t be put off giving this building a visit just because it is a Church. Many don’t know about this, but you can actually climb abut 410 steps up on it’s tower and get an amazing panorama of the city and even further! There is an entry fee of about 6 zl, and students get a discount! If you have luggage on you, there is an information desk there which allows you to leave it behind. I mean nothing worse than dragging up bags up narrow stairs, right? P.s, do go to the toilet before hand, back in the days they didn’t think of building toilets up the towers.



Let me know what you think of Gdańsk after reading this post, and if you are considering visiting any of the places. Maybe you live near/in Gdańsk? – then let me know your top 5 places to visit there !
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