Drugstore Dupe For ABH Aurora Glow Kit

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HAPPY 1st OF AUGUST! I hope that you are all super well today. I have been obsessing over the latest Aurora Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills (if you can’t already tell, i have been blogging about it like crazy! While looking at my make-up collection, i have realised that i own a very good & close dupe to this Glow Kit that is drugstore *yuss*. So i hope this post is useful to all of you who want this Glow Kit, but not necessarily spend the money on it.


ABH: Aurora Glow Kit Review & Swatches

Hello everyone,

How are we all doing today? I have been posting more than just once a week so far and i’m loving it! I shall continue to do so until i have a more busy schedle again.

So, i have a fresh review of the ever so hyped about addition to the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit family … the Aurora Glow Kit! I bought it right at the release date and finally took some nice photos of it to share with you.


L’Oréal Paris: Gold Obsession Collection Review (5 min read)

Hi guys!

Firstly, are you all caught up with my latest posts?


Cool, now get back to this one 🙂

Lately i became addicted to L’oréal Paris make-up after i realised how high quality it is … plus it has such an affordable price! Two main retailers in the UK that sell this brand are Boots and Superdrug for anyone wondering. My main advice is that sometimes Boots has different products out to Superdrug, so to make the most by visiting both!

Gold Obsession is their latest collection launched at beginning of October as far as i’m aware. I really hope that i manage to grab all the remaining cosmetics in this range, you’ll soon see why i’m so obsessed! Although there is one product i’m very disappointed in…

Enjoy xox

Lets start with two lipsticks. Is there ever a time when i don’t buy a new lip? I don’t think so! I picked out these two shades for now.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

The packaging is very pretty – goes with the theme perfectly and in fact, they are divided into two categories – all gold for the base colour and gold&black ombre for creating a little twist to your look. £6.99 each. Click here to buy the gold or here to buy the red.


The shades i picked up were 228 VIP (matte) and Pure Gold.

228 is the perfect matte red for a classic look, very sophisticated and build able. It’s also the first ever red lipstick to add to my collection – it was always a colour i thought i can’t rock but i’m giving it a go!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Pure Gold is self-explanatory, it’s a gold, sparkly shade that i had never come across before! I’m in love, once i wore it to work and majority of my customers complemented the look!


I feel that autumn is the one time of the year when you can full on play around with your make-up the most.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

And here are some swatches! On the top you can see 228 (very, very pigmented), Pure Gold in the middle (that needs a few layers before you can build up the intensity) and the two shades mixed together in the heart.


Of course, lets not forget about a lip liner. Lip liner is so important when applying darker lipsticks and every line has to be neat. I saw this one being recommended beside the lipsticks and i was intrigued to see that it’s clear?!

Sounds confusing, but it is fantastic – once you neatly line your lips, magically the lipstick you go on to apply will glide on in the shape you created. How? It states that it is a contour perfector and a colour blocker. It solves the issue of buying many liners for different lip shades, this one does it all! You need to check it out. £3.99, click here to buy it.


Highlighter … yes, if i could i would apply this daily all over my face and become a glow goddess. However, this trend has not gotten here yet so lets get on with the review haha!

I always look to find a good drugstore highlighter, so when i saw this limited edition one i was over the moon.

It says that it’s a powder highlighter but it does not apply with a fan brush. When i swatched it, i realised that it had a wet feel to it, almost like a dense paste, really weird consistency considering the fact it says “Powder”. I then tried out applying the product with my fingers and it is the most pigmented highlighter i have ever seen! Usually £6.99 but it’s on an offer for only £4.99, click here to buy.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


I have been hard core dedicated to my ABH Brow Pomade, so picking this Brow Artist Shaper Pencil myst have been an impulsive decision while shopping. Oh, it’s in the shade 03 Brunette; with a wax side and a pigment side also as a little brush. I’m not a major fan of brow pencils, because of how sharp the brows turn out, but i think that i will use this to draw precise hair like lines in any additional sparse areas of my brows after shading them in. £4.99, click here to buy.


Lastly, the product which i’m most disappointed with. I never give negative reviews to products but i actually have nothing nice to say about it. It let me down as i wanted to love it!

It is the Super Liner Ultra Precision Eyeliner in Gold. The whole idea is to have the intensity of a classic black eyeliner with a shimmer of gold coming through. However, when i wanted to create a look with it, no colour would apply on my eyelids! All that would show was some shimmer of gold and very faded black after various attempts of application. Not a good look.  Then i decided to see if maybe the colour will apply on my hand, still with no luck.

As a final trial i drew some lines on paper – the top line was with a single coat, as you can see it fades so soon. Second line shows you 7 applications – the colour only just showed up.  I think that this product is store exclusive to Superdrug as i cannot find a link to it! It was around £4.99.


I have no idea whether i maybe just picked up a faulty liner, or if it’s like that to everyone?


And here is an overview of all the products from this review.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Do you use any of these products? What is your opinion of them? Alternatively, are you considering giving any of these products a go?

I would love to find out in the comment section!

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Love, K.

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Back To School/University: Stationary Essentials & Hacks (5 min read)

Hi, Bonjour, Halo, Czesc…

Oh my, didn’t the summer holidays just fly by too fast?! Where did the time go. Sadly, here in the UK school starts again in just over a week today, and university starts in roughly a month time too. This only means shopping, shopping and MORE SHOPPING. And for those lucky people abroad that have quite a bit of holidays left – I’m mega jealous!

I am a huge stationary lover and get freaking excited over buying notebooks and pens… anyone feel me here? Still, I have not (yet) gone crazy over shopping for university, but I bought the things that I will need at the start, and will for sure buy more after I know exactly what I need.

To see what school/university stationary essentials I picked out and what hacks I have for most them carry on reading!


1. Folders and dividers are a must. They allow you to stay organised with your work and know exactly where everything is. I have bought one Pukka Filing Leaver Arch Folder and Extra Wide Subject Dividers. Of course, don’t forget about punched pockets to keep your sheets in.

I find the Pukka Filling folders best when it comes to school. They have an index and timetable space inside. With their help, you will hopefully never be confused again.

Hack #1 ** I plan to carry one big folder at the beginning of my semester rather than multiple, and buy more as my work builds up. This is a great hack for you guys that are going to school too – it’s better carrying one proper folder than multiple empty ones, until you really need more anyway. Your bag will be less cluttered and lighter aswell.**

Hack #2 **Keeping every single sheet in a punched pocket will keep it so much safer in your folder. You won’t have to worry about any damage to them – better be safe tan sorry guys. I learned it the hard way… once my Hollister spray spilled in my bad and I had to re-write my whole Higher History folder. It took me ages!**


2. Refill Pads and Reporter’s Pads. Having plenty paper on you at all times makes life easy. especially how some schools don’t provide you with it!



3. Pens, pens and more pens! From my school experience I can tell you now that Paper Mate and BIC have the most durable and good quality pens. Also, instead of using the classic liquid Tipp-Ex  for any mistakes you have to try out the tape one! It’s not wet and so you can write over it instantly, so much easier than waiting for the liquid one to dry.

Hack #3 **Did that boy in your class “borrow” a pen and never gave it back? Did you forget to repack one from the other bag? Pens always disappear so fast, this is why you always need to be stocked up! I always carry about 5 pens in every bag I use, that way you avoid awkward situations and having to personally ask someone else for their pen.**


4. Highlighters! I don’t need to attempt to justify this one, highlighters just need to be in your bag okay.

Hack #4 **Carrying at least three different colours of highlighters will allow you to distinguish the difference in your text better and organise your notes e.g. highlight the headings on top of each page so it catches your sight instantly.**

5. A tiny, cute note pad. It will encourage you to write more things down. Besides, this is too adorable not to have ah!



6. Hard Cover Diary. Write everything down and avoid forgetting your schedule! I personally prefer the week to week ones as they are thinner and more comfortable to carry around. I really recommend the Oxford Campus Diarys for students, because they have handy pages inside of them. Have a look:

7. Sticky notes! I’m in love with the ones I found. Use them to mark a page in your textbook or to make notes on any information you need (without actually damaging the book).

Here you go! I really hope that you enjoyed my first ever school/university related post. Please like and comment, so I know if to make more of them in the near future! I am really excited to start university and without a doubt I will have a lot of things to write about it.

Are you going back to school/university/college? If so have you done any stationary shopping?

See you around. x

Love, K.

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Sleek: Solstice Highlighting Palette (5 min read)

Hey beauty lovers,

In this post I would like to review the Solstice Highlighting Palette by Sleek. I have owned this palette for a while now, but recently quite a few of you had requested me to share my thoughts on it. Here it is, enjoy!

I purchased this Solstice Palette at Superdrug, it cost me £9.99 which is an amazing price considering the fact that you get four different highlight shades! It includes two baked powders, one cream formula and one silky shimmer powder.

The packaging is gold and has a shiny with a reflective surface. It was rather hard to photograph it without my face in its reflection haha.



It also comes with a small brush, however, I have never used it before. I much prefer to use my small fan brush for this duty.

Below you will see the names, descriptions & swatches of each highlighter.


(Close shots of fingers are so weird.)

1. Ecliptic

First from the top. This one is the cream highlighter and it has a nude tone to it. I must warn you that it’s very “in your face” if you put too much on as the formula is very thick. I still haven’t used this shade before and I have no clue where to put it on my face? It’s such a high pigmented highlighter! Any suggestions would be great.

2. Hemisphere

Second from the top. This is the first baked powder in the palette, it is a pink & shimmery shade. Whenever I choose to use the Solstice palette and I apply this shade on both of my cheek bones. Still, it is so pigmented and very easy to over apply! Stay focused while doing it.

3. Subsolar

Second last on the swatches and the second baked powder here. It is very yellow toned, actually if it was matte instead of shimmery then it would be such a good dupe for ABH Banana Highlighter. I tend to apply this on the bridge of my nose for now.

4. Equinox

Last but not least, this one is the silky shimmer powder! It is of a peach shade and is most glittery. Once again, I have not really used this shade before, any ideas of where it would look best?


This is what the colours look like in shade.


And here you can see how shimmery they all are in the sunlight. Gorgeous.

To be honest, I feel that they would all look beautiful as eye shadows? Do you agree? They would really drag attention to your eyes.

If you are considering to buy this palette, I recommend doing so at Superdrug as it seems to have the best price for it. If you have their Health&Beauty card like I do, you also get free delivery on all orders! Click here for the product.

Overall, I think that this palette is one of the better drugstore ones that are available to us. It has a fair price, four different shades with three different formulas and the packaging is so pretty! However, for now I will still stick to my M.A.C highlighter which I wrote about here.

What do you think of Sleek as a brand and do you own this highlighting palette?

Bye for now.

Love, K.

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Haul Time: Latest M.A.C Cosmetic Purchases (5 min read)

Hey my lovely bloggers,

If you are reading this post then you are most likely a massive M.A.C Cosmetics fan like me. Although they are on the more pricey side it is well worth paying the money for their amazing products. So this shopping trip ended up with just over £100 in total for 6 products – crazy right?! Anyway, carry on reading to see what I bought and what I thought of it.

1. Two Studio Fix Fluid Foundations in “NC20” – £22.00 each

I swear by this foundation – I have been dedicated to it for over a year now and I constantly repurchase it, hence why I bought two, just to be stocked up. I apply it with either an Eco Tools brush or with a Maybelline beauty sponge. No matter what way I apply it, it does not show any streaks and covers up all my blemishes. The only thing I would say here is definitely go into a store and get one of the make-up professionals to advice you what shade to go for. Without doing this I would never know what shade to choose – there are so many!


2. Pro Longwear Concealer in “NC20” – £17.50

So I never owned a concealer before until I spoke to a M.A.C make-up artist who explained to me why to have it. Basically you apply the concealer on top of your foundation to cover up any nasty blemishes and it sounded like a fair enough reason to buy one.

Big mistake I did was not asking what shade I would need – so I went with my instinct. I picked up the same shade as my foundation in “NC20”, but little did I know what a bad shade choice it was. When I applied it onto my face I looked like a ghost… It was way too light for my skin! I’m still confused to why this is the case but life goes on.

Instead I use this concealer to highlight my brow bones and the bridge of my nose, for now I’m happy with using it for that purpose. It’s consistency is thick and looks gorgeous on camera!


3. Mineralize Skinfinish Baked Highlighter in “Soft and Gentle” – £24.00

I wanted to purchase this highlighter in forever! It’s probably one of my most loved products for two reasons:

A: it makes me have such a healthy glow, with a glided peach shade.

B: there are so many uses for it. Not only can you use it as a highlighter, but as an eye shadow too! Have any of you also tried using it this way?



4. Lipstick in “Velvet Teddy” – £15.50

I finally found a “Velvet Teddy” in the store! It only took me about a year… . I’m glad I kept looking for it and succeeded because it looks so adorable on and I can at last have my Kylie Jenner lip days. Its shade is a deep-toned beige in matte finish.


Below is a swatch of it:



5. Lip Pencil in “Subculture” – £12.50

I took ages to match a lip pencil with my new “Velvet Teddy” lipstick and “Subculture” was an angel sent from heavens. You don’t see many people using it YET … I feel the hype  about it coming soon.


Here’s what it looks like beside the lipstick:


As you can see this lip liner allows you to build upon its colour intensity, I started from light to dark creating an ombré effect for you to see. So many other lipsticks can match with it!

If you didn’t already know … for every purchase you make with M.A.C they will give you a free sample. This time I chose to take the 6ml Prep+Prime Skin Sample and I plan to purchase the full size version next time I’m going make-up shopping. It makes my face feel soft and simplifies the application of foundation, it’s literally effortless as it glides on much easier than with no primer. Furthermore, with its help the foundation stays on for longer and does not move around.
If you enjoyed reading this post and want some more M.A.C Cosmetics reviews, I have other posts already published on my blog, simply click here  and here to check them out.

I would love to know what your views stand on M.A.C Cosmetics and hear out other product recommendations that I could look into next time I’m shopping!

Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Remember to like, share and comment 🙂

Love, K.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Powder Contour Kit (5 min read)


So today I want to review the ever so loved by most beauty gurus ABH Pro Series Contour Kit.

I got mines in May this year as a birthday gift and ever since I have rigorously used it every single day.  To find out what I think about it … carry on reading!


This contour kit has always been viewed as a “classic” and a “must have” in your make up collection. I would say this is partially true; I feel that make-up beginners may in fact struggle to use this product as a lot of brush techniques are involved to apply it, but then for more advanced individuals this will be a holy grail.


My ABH contour kit is in the shade “light to medium” and features six decadent facial powders designed to contour, sculpt and highlight the complexion; “Java”, “Vanilla”, “Fawn”, “Havana”, “Sand” and “Banana”.


  • Sand – Soft beige for light to medium skin with warm and neutral undertones.
  • Vanilla – Peachy nude for light to medium skin with warm beige undertones.
  • Banana – Warm nude which universally flatters all undertones.
  • Java – Soft mocha for light to medium skin with cool olive undertones.
  • Fawn – Toffee nude for light to medium skin with cool, beige and olive undertones.
  • Havana – Coffee brown for light to medium skin with warm olive undertones.


My most used shades without a doubt are “Banana”, “Java” and “Fawn”. I use “Banana” for highlighting the bridge of my nose, under eyes and cheekbones. “Java” is the darker shade that I contour with and “Fawn” is ideal for creating a shadow for more hollowed cheeks. The powder is easy to blend and mega pigmented as I would expect for the price of the product (£39.00). It’s very high quality and I simply became addicted to this kit! It really impressed me with its staying power too as even after a trip to the gym it looks untouched.


Another great thing is that the pans are refillable and the palette itself is magnetic. This especially comes handy if one shade is very loved – you can just buy another one and put it back into the palette.

The only con that I need to mention is that the colours are more warm toned than cool toned and may look more orange on fair skinned people. For me this is not really a problem as I have a tanned complexion but just wanted to give a heads up to those who are more pale and are considering this kit.


Overall, this product is so worth they hype. I can’t imagine using any other contour kit after this.

Since I live in the UK it is hard to find stores which sell ABH cosmetics due to it’s American origin. For now the only online store I buy my Anastasia products from is BeautyBay. They give me a free, tracked shipment on all orders and sell many American goodies that I would not otherwise be able to get my hands on! Click here to shop.

Hope you enjoyed reading my review, have any of you used this product before? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

Speak soon,

Love, K.

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