Fashion Round-Up: April – May Trends

Hi guys!

Welcome to today’s post. The post that i created for February – March (click here to read) was such a hit that we are on it with another one! The spring is really showing its true colours in Scotland recently, we have been getting weather above 10 degrees and some sun, which is enough for all the fashion lovers to go crazy on bright colours! Yes… i can raise my hand to that too, but shoosh.



Fashion Round-Up: January – March Trends

Hello everybody, welcome to today’s post.

I noticed that my fashion sector of this blog is lacking content … and so i decided that every three months i will be making a fashion round-up/ review! Hopefully you enjoy this new series and it inspires you to get involved with the fashion world. 🙂


Latest Trend: Urban Essentials (3 min read)

Hey guys! I hope that you’re all having a great day.

This will be my first ever post related to ongoing/latest fashion trends. Therefore, if you enjoy reading this post let me know! I will continue to post them everytime that they change 🙂

The first trend I will talk to you about is my absolute favourite.


Urban Essentials is inspired by the catwalk shows of Clover Canyon; Red Valentino and Celine. It’s great that many high-street stores follow these influences and allow us to keep up with the latest trends in an affordable way!

Colour Palette:

It consists of a sharp palette of black; camel; cream and tones of blue. Furthermore, a contrast of Chilli Pepper adds excitement into the collection!


Overall, this trend is delivering a sporty, 90s feel to me. This is probably why I’m so drawn to it – I love to be comfortable and keep up with the latest fashion. This lets me have both!

Now, let’s be more fun. I went into my local New Look store and picked out my two go-to outfits & some must have accessory pieces from the Urban Essentials section.

Outfit #1:

For my first outfit I want to show you how to style a mesh, boyfriend tee for an everyday look.

The first way I’d wear it is with a white, sporty crop top that will pop the colour through the mesh. Pair it up with some acid wash jeggings and tah dah! I’m really loving this outfit.




The second way I’d wear the mesh tee would be with a plain tank top. This might be a great option for those of you that would not be comfortable with showing too much skin.



Outfit #2:

This outfit will be perfect for these lazy days that you still want to look as if you made effort.

A red jumper will make you look fun and show a chilled vibe. I love how many different colours and styles are available in this jumper! So if you are not a red lover, definitely check out the different styles.




Major must haves are for sure chokers’, fluffy pom-poms and high platform trainers.


The black, high platform trainers will make your legs appear slimmer and longer *how great* and will literally go with any outfit. It’s a great pair to own.


The fluffy pom-poms will be a great accessory to your backpacks/handbags and even a cute way to carry keys! I own at least three different ones and my collection keeps on growing. Once you start buying it will be endless.


And then we have the chokers. Everyone has gone crazy for them and I totally love them too!


My personal favourite styles of chokers are shown below:


But there are so many available!


Overall, I am in love with this trend – it is so me.


The biggest staple here is the acid wash jeggings. They are way more comfy than normal jeans and add a fun vibe to every outfit you pair them with. Do any of you guys own a pair of jeggings? I have about five now.


And let me know in the comment section below which outfit you would be most likely to wear; Outfit #1 or Outfit #2? Also, would you like another post about another trend that is in right now?

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See ya!xo

Love, K.

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Sleek: Solstice Highlighting Palette (5 min read)

Hey beauty lovers,

In this post I would like to review the Solstice Highlighting Palette by Sleek. I have owned this palette for a while now, but recently quite a few of you had requested me to share my thoughts on it. Here it is, enjoy!

I purchased this Solstice Palette at Superdrug, it cost me £9.99 which is an amazing price considering the fact that you get four different highlight shades! It includes two baked powders, one cream formula and one silky shimmer powder.

The packaging is gold and has a shiny with a reflective surface. It was rather hard to photograph it without my face in its reflection haha.



It also comes with a small brush, however, I have never used it before. I much prefer to use my small fan brush for this duty.

Below you will see the names, descriptions & swatches of each highlighter.


(Close shots of fingers are so weird.)

1. Ecliptic

First from the top. This one is the cream highlighter and it has a nude tone to it. I must warn you that it’s very “in your face” if you put too much on as the formula is very thick. I still haven’t used this shade before and I have no clue where to put it on my face? It’s such a high pigmented highlighter! Any suggestions would be great.

2. Hemisphere

Second from the top. This is the first baked powder in the palette, it is a pink & shimmery shade. Whenever I choose to use the Solstice palette and I apply this shade on both of my cheek bones. Still, it is so pigmented and very easy to over apply! Stay focused while doing it.

3. Subsolar

Second last on the swatches and the second baked powder here. It is very yellow toned, actually if it was matte instead of shimmery then it would be such a good dupe for ABH Banana Highlighter. I tend to apply this on the bridge of my nose for now.

4. Equinox

Last but not least, this one is the silky shimmer powder! It is of a peach shade and is most glittery. Once again, I have not really used this shade before, any ideas of where it would look best?


This is what the colours look like in shade.


And here you can see how shimmery they all are in the sunlight. Gorgeous.

To be honest, I feel that they would all look beautiful as eye shadows? Do you agree? They would really drag attention to your eyes.

If you are considering to buy this palette, I recommend doing so at Superdrug as it seems to have the best price for it. If you have their Health&Beauty card like I do, you also get free delivery on all orders! Click here for the product.

Overall, I think that this palette is one of the better drugstore ones that are available to us. It has a fair price, four different shades with three different formulas and the packaging is so pretty! However, for now I will still stick to my M.A.C highlighter which I wrote about here.

What do you think of Sleek as a brand and do you own this highlighting palette?

Bye for now.

Love, K.

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I Went Shopping Again… (3 min read)

Hey everyone!

Just a quick Saturday post, because it’s not as long as others.

Yes, yes, yes I went shopping again … woops. But this time I only bought around seven things, which is totally acceptable. #shopaholic

I haven’t done a clothing haul on here yet and I shop all the time. If you guys enjoy this post then I sure will start doing more hauls!

So let’s get straight into this.

Lets start with the adorable fake, smiley plant pots I got in two, adorable pastel colours! I am very bad with looking after real plants, I even killed a cactus once – like how?! So this will do nicely in decorating my window pane for now! I need to see if they do them in any more colours because I need them all.


New Look – £4.99

I bought this chocker top in the petite section. I never usually shop in that section because I am tall, but when I went a size up so it’s longer it finally fitted me well. Oh, and surprisingly I’m beginning to like wearing brighter colours than the usual black!



New Look – £11.99

I’m also trying to purchase more basic tees and bodysuits, mainly because they never get out of fashion and work with any outfit. This plain white bodysuit is great – you can dress it up or wear it casual. I’m even going back to get an exact black one next week.

**By the way, I tried to cover up my electric socket in the background with that emoji! Haha.**


New Look – £5.99

This skirt is simply the best one I own at the moment. The material is so soft & comforting and the light grey colour will work perfectly with the white bodysuit shown above! What other colours do you guys think it will go with?


New Look – £17.99

Lastly, I got this gold chocker necklace.



New Look – £3.99

Well, I hope you liked my little haul and be sure to comment below so I know to do more! I am a massive shopping lover and get new things at least twice a week … so bad for my bank balance.

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See ya!

Love, K.

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