SOAP BROWS – Something That You Need To Try!

Hello everyone,

Yes. You read the title correctly and no, I am not going crazy. The soap brows are in trend and I AM SO HERE FOR IT! To all my ladies/gentlemen out there who have sparse brows and want thickness, volume and a natural finish – this one is for you. Enjoy!

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How To: Make Your Blog Interesting (5 min read)

Hi guys,

Have you checked out my previous How To: Get Noticed On Instagram post? A lot of you loved it and inspired me to make this post today.

Let’s get straight to the point, enjoy!

I have started my blog over a year ago and of course being unexperienced in web design made it harder to start. It took a lot of blog research and motivation to try and make it look the way I wanted & I’m continuously learning how to make the most out of the WordPress functions!

When any blogger asks me how to make your blog more appealing to the viewers and increase the chances of them sticking around, I have a few tips:

Less is More.

What do I mean by this? Well, when someone goes on your blog they most definitely have no idea how to work your page nor have an opinion of you YET. This is the chance to impress them and make a visitor turn into a follower. I go by the saying “less is more” in the way that my blog layout is clear and simple. I use clean fonts, a complementing colour scheme and simple language. It hopefully appeals to a wide variety of people and so is diverse in who follows it.


Organise Menus.

Organising your posts under menu headings will make everything easily accessible and give a good impression about your page.

Pictures make it fun!

I like to include a lot more pictures in my posts than the text itself. I personally find any post is 100x more exciting when it is short, snappy and with pretty photos. Maybe my attention span is too short haha. Anyway, I found that a lot of people are like me and so I want everyone to enjoy clicking on my content.

If you don’t have a good enough camera or are not the best at photography, you have so many other options that will still allow you to include pictures in your posts! For instance, We Heart It, Tumblr or Pinterest have amazing photos that you can borrow – as long as you give them a CREDIT for it! Never plagiarise anything, the trouble is not worth it. Be original or give credit the author, okay.


Give an estimated reading time.

As you may have noticed, I recently began to include an estimated reading time for each and every one of my posts. Why? Because it lets you guys know how big the article is and so you can choose which article to read depending on how much time you have.


Ask questions.

Asking your readers questions will hopefully encourage their activity and discussion. I usually ask a few questions at the end of every post and I love talking with you! Maybe you’ll make a good blogger friend through this? Try and see!


Link your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook … anything you’re comfortable with to your blog. It will give it more life and allow your followers to get to know you better. It also gives some more legitimacy to your platforms which is quite important when you want to collaborate with businesses.


I hope that you guys liked this post and maybe it gave you some more inspiration for positive changes. I am not in any way an expert on blogging and am sharing what I notice works for mines.

Do you guys have an idea of what else makes a blog more interesting? What are your biggest tips? I would love to hear!

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Love, K.

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How To: Get Noticed On Instagram (5 min read)

Hey bloggers, hope you’re all well.

Over the past few days lot of you  got in touch with me and requested this post. Finally, here it is!

My Instagram page is here in case you want to check it out before reading this post. As you can see I have over 7.3K followers and every single one of them is very special to me. Gaining an active audience is tricky but not impossible and I have some useful tips for you!

Nickname & Bio

The first important steps are to have an approachable name and an attractive bio. I use emoji’s to make it more eye catching and instead of being mainstream (aka including inspirational quotes like 50% of Instagram users) I made mines more personal and fun. This way people get to know you a little and decide to hit that follow button you know. When it comes to including  “business” contact details, I would advise you to wait until you have at least 5K followers as that’s when private businesses usually notice you. Until then, use your space creatively.


Obviously Instagram is for sharing your photos with the world. The current trend involves choosing a “theme” for your account, but I think that as long as your photos have a common factor in a minor way you will be just as good! For instance, I make all of my photos have a blue undertone rather than the same background. It is so important to make your gallery pretty, after all that’s why people choose to follow you!


You need to try and relate to your followers so that they like and comment on your posts, posting regularly with clever captions is one way to go about with this. Hashtags can help a lot too, but don’t overuse them and always make them relevant! Keeping a clean profile look will for sure make you stand out. Oh, and if you feel comfortable doing so try and include the location of your photos too!

Following Accounts

I can’t stress enough on this – do NOT follow and then unfollow accounts just to gain the numbers. This may seem like a good idea at the start, but trust me, bad reputation will come out of this. Only follow accounts that you are inspired or interested by.

Be Active


Nothing will get you more “out there” than being active towards other users. Comment, like and share their pictures and as a result they will often follow you or return the favour. This will then make you noticeable to their followers too – great publicity!


Personally I don’t do these very often because they spam your followers and can make them unfollow you. If you really must do a shoutout then I would recommend agreeing on a time limit between you and the other person – this way you both benefit from the experience but remove the photo afterwards.

Another, more accepted, way of a shoutout involves linking your social media profiles as then more people can find you!

If you already have a large following on your Instagram then congratulations! You have an advantage here – if you post photos with products or are an Influencer, then always tag the businesses! This will link your profile to them and a lot of the time they repost and tag you too! This can really be a push on your profiles popularity.

Don’t Forget!

Instagram is meant to be fun and allow you to share your passions. Don’t get too obsessed about your numbers- if you connect with the audience it will come naturally with time. These tips came from my Instagram experience and what worked for me, everyone’s different so just do what feels right for you.

If you have any further questions just get in touch!

Let’s all share our Instagram names in the comment section below and help each other out?

Good luck, I hope this post helped a little x

Love, K.

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Updated Eyebrow Routine: Even More On Fleek (3 min read)


Eyebrows still seem to have a major impact in the world of beauty at the moment and my routine has slightly changed since my last post on this topic. To refresh your mind on it click here or simply carry on reading my updated eyebrow routine.

I use five products daily:
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in “Dark Brown”


I use this product at the very start of the whole routine, it is two sided: one side has the product and the other has a special spooly. I use that spooly to brush my hairs in the direction of my forehead and this makes them look more voluminous once filled in.


I first use the thinner side of the product to draw hair like strokes at the front of my eyebrows and fill in any sparce gaps. Here, you want to stick to a natural look and it is yet not the right time to make them dramatic. Then I go on to use the thicker side of the product to draw a line on the bottom of both eyebrows. This acts as a guild line for the next few steps.


2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in “Dark Brown”


This is a miracle worker. It is very buildable and allows you to play around with it more than a powder would. It is almost of a clay texture and very pigmented, so be very careful on the amount that you put onto your angled brush. You want to make your brows dark at the tail, lighter in the middle and almost faded at the front. I know that every person has a different brow preference, but I like to keep them natural. Make the strokes of your brush stronger from the line that you drew with the ABH Brow Definer and go in an upwards motion. Avoid making a bold line on top of your brow if you to aim for a more natural look. Once I get the desired colour I brush through my brows with the ABH Brow Definer spooly once again to blend everything in. Don’t worry if the brows look messy – the next two products will help us tidy it all up.

3. M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer in “NC20” 


I then pick up a clean angled brush and apply some of this product onto it. I draw a line directly below the bottom of your brows to create that tidy look. It’s good to use a light shade of concealer or foundation under your brows  because it uplifts them and gives an illusion of gorgeous brow bones.

4. M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in “NC 20”


Similar application to what we did with the M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Longwear concealer but this time we apply the foundation on top of your eyebrows. This once again tidies your brows and creates a sleek look. At this point feel free to add any more colour to your brows if you went over too much hairs with the foundation.

5. Maybelline Brow This Way Gel in “004 Clear”


Use any clear gel to set your brows and tah dah you are finished!


Snapchat filters make life better & here are my brows for you guys!

I hope that your brows are even more on #fleek now and that you found this post useful.

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Thanks for reading and speak soon again! As now I caught up with my posts a bit, I will only be posting on Mondays and Fridays.

Love, K.

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