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Firstly, sorry about my absence on Wednesday but i was feeling rather uninspired. It’s June – a new month and nearly summer! I really wanted to start new food series for all the foodies around here! I love exploring new restaurants, cafès and just food recipes in general – this is why i’m starting foodie Friday’s! I want to share with you all what i think of different places and recommend any for you to check out!


10 Uses For: Coconut Oil (3 min read)


Today I will speak to you about the ways in which I use the ever so hyped about coconut oil. Is it worth the attention and does it really work? I will try and help you make your mind up about that in this post.


Firstly, I always reach out to this organic coconut oil by Midsummer. I love it because its ingredients are only coconut oil and no added flavourings or chemicals, and it’s approved by the organic soil association. This way I am sure of what I put on my body.


There are countless uses for coconut oil, but below you will see my favourites:

1. Apply on the skin as a basic lotion.

2. Mix with sugar granules for a body scrub.

3. Use as a natural tanning lotion & after sun cooling lotion.

4. On cuticles to help nails grow strong and shiny.

5. Can be rubbed into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. I usually do this overnight and wash my hair twice in the morning to get off the excess oil.


6. Apply on the ends of your hair to prevent splitting and make it feel like silk.

7. Rub on your face and then rinse with hot water & warm face towel to remove any type of make-up (even tough waterproof one). It will all glide off smoothly!

8. If you do the one above, your eyebrows will condition at the same time, stimulating their growth too! Talking about eyebrows, you can also use this oil as a brow gel to set your hairs.

8. Whiten your teeth with it – mix with warm water and keep it in your mouth for 5 minutes.

9. Apparently if you consume it daily then your immune system and even your metabolism will boost. However, I don’t like the idea of eating such oil daily so I drink coconut water instead! Same idea, less fat factor.


10. For these awful summer nights that you get a ton of mosquito bites, guys I got you. Just rub some of the coconut oil on your bite and it will stop itching & heal sooner!

Overall, I think that there should be hype about coconut oil: it’s natural, easy to buy and works miracles on almost anything! All of the uses I spoke about above I do on a regular basis or seasonally, and work for me. Bare in mind that everyone is different, and if your skin is combination-oily then maybe it’s not the best option for you to apply on your body.

Hope you liked this post! I personally adore coconut oil and since it’s sold almost everywhere there are legit no excuses towards not using it.

How many of you use coconut oil? Have you got any other tried out uses for it? let me know in the comments!

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Love, K.

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Skinny Coffee Club: First 28 Days (5 min read)


Recently I have tried out Skinny Coffee because I loved the idea of it. Previously I had drank other products to aid my weight loss but this coffee is so much more. I can honestly say that Skinny Coffee actually gave me some desired effects!

Many of you are probably in the same position as I was before and never really heard of Skinny Coffee Club. I will tell you essential information about it now, so we are on the same page. So Skinny Coffee is an international business that aims for coffee fanatics to enjoy their cup and benefit their body at the same time. This coffee burns fat, boosts antioxidants and is organic. Most importantly to me, I wanted to know what ingredients are used before I made the choice to consume it. I was happy to find out that there are no hidden toxic chemicals nor inflated claims, unlike a lot of other brands hide from us.

Now that you know what Skinny Coffee is, I will talk about my experience with it.

My delivery was very fast, I would say it only took 2 days to arrive, and made me motivated to start a new health routine as soon as possible. This is because I was also provided with a digital eating plan and an exercise plan that was very easy to follow.

IMG_4186.JPGHere you can see the packaging and a cute note that comes with the product.

The way I used it for the first 28 days was one cup in the morning while I had my breakfast. It made me feel less hungry and over the course less bloated after meals. It still gave me the benefit of an average coffee which was an energy kick, nothing to complain about, right?


I am not a person who likes black coffee but still wanted to keep it healthy, so what I did was replaced dairy milk with either coconut milk or almond milk, and sugar was substituted with organic honey. It tasted so good – trust me!


Many people go wrong with wanting to lose weight. They think that drinking such product as Skinny Coffee works miracles alone. I would advise you to follow the fitness and eating plan that they provide you with in order to obtain the best results. Although we would all love to see results immediately … the reality is different. However, if you stick to their programme and drink up your coffee you will see results much faster than an average person. I use Skinny Coffee as an enhancement that helps my body to work with me better so, far successfully! I still have a long way to go though and I plan to carry on ordering my Skinny Coffee.


Below is an example of my favourite breakfast meal that I have with my Skinny Coffee, I’m literally addicted.



  • Coconut Milk
  • Bananas
  • Chai Seeds
  • Dried Berries
  • Special K Cereal

With a cup of the fantastic Skinny Coffee.

So simple yet so good for you.


Overall, I am very happy with the product; it keeps stomach bloating under control and enhances metabolism. I have never felt confident wearing crop tops, but now I’m starting to enjoy doing so. As I said, I am far off from being “skinny” but at least I am starting to accept my body and feel much more focused on being healthy and happy. Thank you Skinny Coffee Club, you are a miracle worker!

If you would like to order your Skinny Coffee, here are their details:

For their website click here.

Instagram: @skinnycoffeeclub

** I think that I will be getting my own discount code soon that you guys can use while at the check out, so keep an eye out.**

Thanks for reading and if you have other recommendations on similar products or your own fitness journey story to share,  I would love to hear you out in the comment section below. Like, share and keep the health spirit going!

Love, K.

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