How I Clean My Brushes (3 min read)

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Cleaning your make-up brushes is so important – not only will it allow a nice & clean application every time but it will reduce the appearance of acne on your face. The old make-up product which builds up on your brush will have its own bacteria and dust settling, therefore, it’s almost a necessity to keep them clean!

Today I want to share with you two ways in which I clean my brushes. All of the products that I use in this post are new to me, however, last year I have mentioned another great brush cleansing product here if you want to check out another option.

One of my biggest obsessions this year (so far) has been buying brushes. My collection has grown so much and added another weekly chore to my weekly schedule – that is cleaning them.

I will now tell you two ways of cleaning your brushes – the first is a lazy routine and the second one is more time consuming. Let’s get started!

Lazy Routine – Quick Scrub


This method involves two things: a brush cleansing spray and a face cloth/towel. This month I have really been into using the New Look Pure Colour Brush Cleaner. This bottle has 200ml and only costs £3.99 … WHAT A BARGAIN! I am very happy with the way it cleans my brushes and it smells like the seaside to me:’) I highly recommend it to anyone that likes cleaning their brushes- it’s so worth getting!

All you need to do is spray the product onto the cloth and swirl your brush bristles around until they look clean! Takes a few minutes and dries very quickly, this is especially handy when you are using different shades of make-up and can make a fast switch on a clean brush.

 Proper Cleanse – For People That Have Time

This method usually takes over night to complete and so I only do this once a week. For this you need: warm water, baby shampoo & I additionally use a brushegg to scrub the brushes.

All you need to do is soak your brushes in warm water for 20 minutes, then put a small amount of baby shampoo on the palm of your hand & swirl every brush in circular motion. Any make-up should instantly come off and change the colour of the shampoo. After this you rinse the brushes in cool water, squeeze excess water out and let them dry over night – tah dah you’ll wake up to dry & clean brushes!

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Do you clean your brushes regularly? What method/ products do you use?

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My Eyebrow Routine: How I Keep Them On Fleek (2015) (3 min read)

Hey to you all!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in so long, I was extremely busy and needed to sort out my daily routine, but, here I am and I promise to post twice a week again!

We all know that Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows are ultimate goals – but, today I will share with you my eyebrow routine:

Every two weeks I pluck my own eyebrows to keep them as much on fleek as possible. However, if you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself I would advise to go to a beautician instead! Eyebrows frame your face, so it is important that they are done properly, in the right shape to complement you. Here are a few steps of how I do it:

  1. Before I go on to pluck my eyebrows I make sure that all my make up is off, and I rinse my face with warm water (it will make plucking less painful).
  2. I use a clear mascara or brow gel to keep my hair under control, and create a rough shape I want them to be in. Then I go on to pluck all the hairs that  I want to get rid of.
  3. To create a more bushy look at the front I once again use clear mascara or an eyebrow gel, but this time, I make my hairs go up the way.
  4. I take thin scissors to cut the top of those hairs off, make it go with the line of my eyebrows shape.
  5. I apply cream all over my eyebrows and massage them – this will reduce the redness and stinging of the skin.
  6. If I feel like it, I do my eyebrow make up and judge how well I’ve done them. Usually ends up with unlimited selfies haha! Usually, my eyebrow looks like the one below that I use for inspiration!


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