London: Sightseeing Gallery & Surprises (5 min read)

Hi everyone! 🙂

As you may have read in the London Baby! post I had the chance to be there for four days. Today I will share with you my favourite places I saw and experiences I had while on the trip.



For out trip we have stayed with Lyall’s family, in the lovely town of Weybridge, and so we had to take the train to London on most days.


Of course the first noticeable thing we went to see was the London Eye. It’s massive! We did not go on it during this trip as we already have done so back in 2013. For those wondering it takes around 30 minutes for the London Eye to spin once. You do get a wonderful view of London though, so if you ever get the chance to then definitely go on it!


That day was so gloomy and rainy … but it’s okay, I’m so used to this weather anyway haha!


I could not resist walking into the Shrek’s Adventure’s gift shop, I mean look at those adorable baby Shrek’s and the Gingerbread Man! I wanted them all!


I then went to the London Sea Life Aquarium – so amazing! I took so many photos there that I will need to make another post on it, so keep your eyes out for this as it will be up tomorrow (Saturday).


By the time that I got out of the London Sea Life Aquarium the rain had stopped, yay, and we could finally continue exploring the city without an umbrella.


The next big attraction was the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. It was then that I was told that Big Ben was in fact the bell inside of the clock. Who knew this before? I was mind blown haha!



*Lyall being a typical tourist*




To travel around London we have in fact hired bicycles for the day, it was such a great idea! Not only did I exercise while sightseeing, but we were not stuck in the traffic once and did not have to worry about parking. I wish more (if any) cities in Scotland had bike hire stations.



The Buckingham Palace. I hope that one day I get the chance to tour it inside!


I can’t believe that these guards have to stand there all day long with minimal movement. I could never do that for living!


It’s also so funny to look back at photos I took and see people posing or taking their own photos.



I took the underground once or twice and It was so confusing. You need to get on or off so fast that it leaves you minimal time to think. I admire people who take it daily – you must be pro’s!


And my favourite place to spend time in London is for sure the Trafalgar Square. There are always so many talented people showcasing their work there and you have plenty of restaurants/shops around to buy food from and enjoy it at the Square.

Lastly, on our final night in London I had a big surprise! Below is a little hint for you guys that are curious what it is and can maybe figure? You will find out exactly where I was or what I did on Monday’s post! *exciting*. 🙂


I hope that you guys like this style of posts, filled with pictures rather than massive paragraphs, as personally I always find gallery based travel posts so entertaining!

Have you ever been to London? Let me know in the comments.

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Love, K.

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Queens Garden Party (Part 2): Outfits (5 min read)

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick look book of me and my friends which also went to the Garden Party. In the previous post I have shared with you my make-up and hair, for that click here. Details of each item can be found below each photo. Enjoy!


Shop my look: Fascinator (local shop), White Top (New Look), Scarf (New Look), Midi-Skirt (New Look), Clutch Bag (New Look), Heels (New Look) …  oh yes I do love New Look haha.

As for my jewellery, the one which I specifically ordered did not arrive in time as it is being shipped all the way from Sweden. I had to improvise and so once again I went to New Look and picked out some pieces that would add the finishing touch to the whole look.


I have bought this three piece: a ring, earrings and a bracelet. I also found a matching necklace that can be seen on other photos. The gold details made my outfit look more expensive than it actually was and the pink stones matched my colour scheme. It was a win: win situation really.


Shop Mollies look: Fascinator (Debenhams), Dress (ASOS Petite), Scarf (Debenhams), Jewellery (Debenhams), Clutch Bag (Debenhams), Heels (New Look).



Shop Megans look: Hat (River Island), Dress (ASOS), Clutch Bag (Tiger Lily), Heels (TK Maxx).




I hope that you guys enjoyed this look book. It was such a special day and everyone looked absolutely gorgeous there. I would do anything to relive that day again!

Next post is the most awaited post for sure – it will be about the atmosphere and order of events at the Garden Party. So do stay tuned for that! It will be up within the next few days.

What do you guys think of out outfits? What is your favourite store to purchase items for a special occasion? I would love to find out in the comment section below!

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Guess Where I’m Going… (2 min read)


Just a quick life update guys. As you are reading this post, I am on my way to the Queens (yes, you read right!) Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.


I am mega excited and cannot wait to share with you all my experiences on Friday’s post! I will tell you all about my make up look, outfit details and if I spoke to any royalty. There is another jewellery collaboration coming too specially for this event, so stay tuned. I really  hope that Kate and William with their adorable kids attend because I am their biggest fan. They are just so damn cute. Who are your favourite royal figures?

Anyway, if any of you have specific questions please let me know and I will answer them as soon as I can. Like, share and follow my blog for more exciting content!

Love, K.

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