How I Clean My Brushes (3 min read)

Hey! I hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂

Cleaning your make-up brushes is so important – not only will it allow a nice & clean application every time but it will reduce the appearance of acne on your face. The old make-up product which builds up on your brush will have its own bacteria and dust settling, therefore, it’s almost a necessity to keep them clean!

Today I want to share with you two ways in which I clean my brushes. All of the products that I use in this post are new to me, however, last year I have mentioned another great brush cleansing product here if you want to check out another option.

One of my biggest obsessions this year (so far) has been buying brushes. My collection has grown so much and added another weekly chore to my weekly schedule – that is cleaning them.

I will now tell you two ways of cleaning your brushes – the first is a lazy routine and the second one is more time consuming. Let’s get started!

Lazy Routine – Quick Scrub


This method involves two things: a brush cleansing spray and a face cloth/towel. This month I have really been into using the New Look Pure Colour Brush Cleaner. This bottle has 200ml and only costs £3.99 … WHAT A BARGAIN! I am very happy with the way it cleans my brushes and it smells like the seaside to me:’) I highly recommend it to anyone that likes cleaning their brushes- it’s so worth getting!

All you need to do is spray the product onto the cloth and swirl your brush bristles around until they look clean! Takes a few minutes and dries very quickly, this is especially handy when you are using different shades of make-up and can make a fast switch on a clean brush.

 Proper Cleanse – For People That Have Time

This method usually takes over night to complete and so I only do this once a week. For this you need: warm water, baby shampoo & I additionally use a brushegg to scrub the brushes.

All you need to do is soak your brushes in warm water for 20 minutes, then put a small amount of baby shampoo on the palm of your hand & swirl every brush in circular motion. Any make-up should instantly come off and change the colour of the shampoo. After this you rinse the brushes in cool water, squeeze excess water out and let them dry over night – tah dah you’ll wake up to dry & clean brushes!

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Do you clean your brushes regularly? What method/ products do you use?

Thanks for reading.

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No7: Magic Foundation?! (3 min read)


Today I wanted to share with you this exciting drugstore find.

To find out what the foundation is like and why I think it’s magic, carry on reading!

Last week I casually paid a visit to my local Boots store to have a look at what products are new in/ browse through any offers. I never really checked out No7 make up before so I just went for it. I’m so glad I did, otherwise I would never discover this little gem.

This No7 foundation is called Intelligent Colour Foundation and costs £15.50. It comes in the general shades of Light, Medium and Dark (I bought Medium). It’s meant to be hypo-allergenic, suit all skin types and give a sheer & dewy finish.


(the camera would only focus on the packaging and not the plant, sorry if it bothers anyone!)

At this point if you’re thinking “wow, why does it not come in more shades” or “how would you know which shade to get”, at first I thought that too. However, I asked a No7 Beauty Consultant to explain to me what this foundation is/does.


She told me that for now it’s one of the only foundations of this kind that are out in the beauty market. I got to sample a few swatches to see which shade would adjust to my skin. Yep, ADJUST to my skin tone!

I think that this foundation is basically magic in the way that it will change its colour to whatever your skin is – making your base even and glowing. This sounds too good to be true because obviously your skin tone will change in between seasons, and if this foundation actually adjusts to your colour then you will always have a foundation to wear! Such money saver.


I will now show you how the application process looks like. The picture above shows you my bare skin.


When you put the foundation on your skin it will seem so off in colour at first.


But give it a few minutes…


… and you won’t be able to tell that you have make-up on! For anyone that is wondering about the scent – it simply smells like a nice moisturiser.

For now I will start using it daily to see what it does to my skin and if it can handle these bad breakout days as well. I will definitely keep you guys updated and post a review in a few weeks time. I am so impressed with No7 for now and will look into more of their products.

Have any of you previously heard of this Intelligent Colour Foundation or own it? What is your first impression on it after reading this post?

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Love, K.

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First Impressions: Lush Face Masks (3 min read)

Hey everyone, I hope that you’re all well.

Last Monday I published this haul which included the two Lush face masks that I will talk to you about today.


So it’s now exactly one week since I first used both face masks, therefore, this post is going to be focused on my first impressions. I will definitely post a review on them once I have used them for a little longer, all in order to give them a fair amount of time to work on my skin.


The first mask is the “Mask of Magnaminty”.



Here you can see how it turns out on the skin. It’s green (peppermint power) and has bits of various seeds to exfoliate while scrubbing.

It claims to fight all eruptions and outbreaks & make your skin clear. I decided to use it twice a week for the next few months and here is what I think after my first two applications:

The scent is very minty and fresh. For that reason I actually prefer to use it in the mornings – it does a good job of making you feel refresh and awake! I apply a fair amount of the paste on my face and my back, then keep it on for 15 minutes until it feels tight and dry.

The key difference which I can already see from using this mask is: it brings out all my blemishes and then instantly dries them out! Although it freaked me out seeing my skin with all the spots, the mask did what it says so far and fought them. Thank god. So far so good guys.

The second mask is the “Angels On Bare Skin”.


This one is an everyday mask and is meant to make my skin radiant and glowing.

I think that this scent is a bity too sickly because of the lavender extract… but hey if it’s going to help me out then I will bare through it. This paste is solid and crumbly, you have to add some warm water in order to break it down. I have been using it every night before I go to sleep for 15 minutes also. After using it for a whole week I still can’t see any difference to my skin? But, as I said I will continue for a few more months!


It is literally like melted oatmeal with an overwhelming lavender and chamomile scent on your skin!

Comparing the two masks today I definitely prefer the “Mask of Magnaminty”. Although I only use it twice a week it has already shown more results than the “Angels On Bare Skin” that I use daily.


A proper review of both masks will be up once I finish their tubs. I hope everyone liked this post and do let me know if you use any face masks right now? If so, I would like you to let me know in the comment section below!

See you!

Love, K.

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Skin Care & Beauty Focused Haul (5 min read)

Hey, happy first of August everyone!

Yesterday I went on another shopping trip but this time to a big shopping centre in Dundee. As I previously mentioned here … I never really bothered with a proper skin care routine and I wanted to give it a go. Who knows, maybe I can stick to it and have nicer skin! While at it I also picked up a couple of new beauty products that I haven’t used before.

Now grab a nice cup of tea & some biscuits and let’s find out what I bought!



The first store I went into was Lush. I love the smell of the whole room while walking in – all the gorgeous scents hit you at once!


As soon as I stepped in a nice girl called Alice came up to me and began to show me around their skin care alley. I was specifically looking for face masks that would cleanse my skin and fight acne during break-out times. She was very helpful, fun and was informative about their products.

The first mask which she recommended to me was the “Mask of Magnaminty” (£10.95). This mask claims to fight eruptions and outbreaks and return the skin to tip top condition. It’s meant to be very good by the sounds of it, however, I will be posting a focused review of this product on Friday! So definitely stay tuned.




The second mask I got was the “Angels on Bare Skin” (£7.25). This is an everyday face and body cleansing mask that is meant to even out the skin tone and give it a natural glow. Once again, I will review this mask in depth sometime next week. I have high hopes!




Have any of you guys tried out these masks? What do you think about them? Or maybe you use different Lush masks? Please let me know in the comment section!



Then I went to the M.A.C section of Debenhams.

Again, a lovely girl welcomed me in and helped me choose some products. Although I have bought two foundations in my previous haul (click here) I decided to double check if I’m wearing the right shade. To my luck, I actually needed another shade all along – woops. So you guys should definitely check your skin tone regularly with a professional make-up artist, as I will too from now on.


My correct shade is NW15. NW15 stands for “Neutral Warm 15” for those that are not sure. I picked up the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation because its formula works best for me. The biggest difference between  NW15 and my previous NC20 is that this does not come up as orange anymore. I guess I got paler over the summer, sad face 😦 Scotland needs more sun!!!


Studio Fix Fluid – £22.00

Oh guys, at last I joined the Prep+Prime Fix Spray wagon, woop woop! I will let you know how I get on with it in another post. Thanks to those who kept recommending it, you succeeded in persuading me.


Prep+Prime Fix Spray£17.50

What other M.A.C products should I check out? Be sure to let me know!

Last but not least, Superdrug.

I literally spent about 5 minutes in there because Lyall kept moaning. This is a prime example of why girls should not go shopping with boys – there is legit no common interest!

So, In the time that I had in Superdrug I picked up:

1. Cleansing Facial Wipes for Combination Skin. They are the best, I always get some from their range. Even waterproof make up comes off smoothly and the wipes don’t hurt your skin while scrubbing it. I think the packet was about £1 for 25 wipes … bargain!


2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara (£7.99). I think this one contains some special oil blends, we’ll see how it helps my lashes.


3. Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish in “City Smoke“(£2.99). I really wanted to buy a grey toned nail varnish and this one looks promising. I will paint my nails tonight and post a quick update for you on the colour on my Instagram.



We now reached the end of this haul! I hope that you enjoyed reading it and want to see more in the near future of course.

Let me know if you own any of these products and what you think of them.

As I mentioned above I will be posting reviews on both of my Lush face masks and the rest of my beauty buys within the next couple of weeks. I’m excited to see what results they bring for my skin.

Speak later,

Love, K.

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Haul Time: Latest M.A.C Cosmetic Purchases (5 min read)

Hey my lovely bloggers,

If you are reading this post then you are most likely a massive M.A.C Cosmetics fan like me. Although they are on the more pricey side it is well worth paying the money for their amazing products. So this shopping trip ended up with just over £100 in total for 6 products – crazy right?! Anyway, carry on reading to see what I bought and what I thought of it.

1. Two Studio Fix Fluid Foundations in “NC20” – £22.00 each

I swear by this foundation – I have been dedicated to it for over a year now and I constantly repurchase it, hence why I bought two, just to be stocked up. I apply it with either an Eco Tools brush or with a Maybelline beauty sponge. No matter what way I apply it, it does not show any streaks and covers up all my blemishes. The only thing I would say here is definitely go into a store and get one of the make-up professionals to advice you what shade to go for. Without doing this I would never know what shade to choose – there are so many!


2. Pro Longwear Concealer in “NC20” – £17.50

So I never owned a concealer before until I spoke to a M.A.C make-up artist who explained to me why to have it. Basically you apply the concealer on top of your foundation to cover up any nasty blemishes and it sounded like a fair enough reason to buy one.

Big mistake I did was not asking what shade I would need – so I went with my instinct. I picked up the same shade as my foundation in “NC20”, but little did I know what a bad shade choice it was. When I applied it onto my face I looked like a ghost… It was way too light for my skin! I’m still confused to why this is the case but life goes on.

Instead I use this concealer to highlight my brow bones and the bridge of my nose, for now I’m happy with using it for that purpose. It’s consistency is thick and looks gorgeous on camera!


3. Mineralize Skinfinish Baked Highlighter in “Soft and Gentle” – £24.00

I wanted to purchase this highlighter in forever! It’s probably one of my most loved products for two reasons:

A: it makes me have such a healthy glow, with a glided peach shade.

B: there are so many uses for it. Not only can you use it as a highlighter, but as an eye shadow too! Have any of you also tried using it this way?



4. Lipstick in “Velvet Teddy” – £15.50

I finally found a “Velvet Teddy” in the store! It only took me about a year… . I’m glad I kept looking for it and succeeded because it looks so adorable on and I can at last have my Kylie Jenner lip days. Its shade is a deep-toned beige in matte finish.


Below is a swatch of it:



5. Lip Pencil in “Subculture” – £12.50

I took ages to match a lip pencil with my new “Velvet Teddy” lipstick and “Subculture” was an angel sent from heavens. You don’t see many people using it YET … I feel the hype  about it coming soon.


Here’s what it looks like beside the lipstick:


As you can see this lip liner allows you to build upon its colour intensity, I started from light to dark creating an ombré effect for you to see. So many other lipsticks can match with it!

If you didn’t already know … for every purchase you make with M.A.C they will give you a free sample. This time I chose to take the 6ml Prep+Prime Skin Sample and I plan to purchase the full size version next time I’m going make-up shopping. It makes my face feel soft and simplifies the application of foundation, it’s literally effortless as it glides on much easier than with no primer. Furthermore, with its help the foundation stays on for longer and does not move around.
If you enjoyed reading this post and want some more M.A.C Cosmetics reviews, I have other posts already published on my blog, simply click here  and here to check them out.

I would love to know what your views stand on M.A.C Cosmetics and hear out other product recommendations that I could look into next time I’m shopping!

Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Remember to like, share and comment 🙂

Love, K.

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Queens Garden Party (Part 1): Hair & Make-Up (5 min read)


On the 5th of July I was honoured to attend Queen Elizabeths Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland.

I wanted to look my best that day and so I woke up at 5am to be ready for leaving the house at 9am. I put A LOT of effort into this look. To see what my hair and make-up looked like for this event, keep reading!


At first I was stuck on what I wanted it to look like – after much thought I decided to go for delicate and feminine.

For my face the make-up routine was pretty much normal – M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation, Pro-Longwear Concealer, A.B.H Contour Kit and Brow Pomade. To see how I always do my eyebrows, click here and to read about my contour regime click here.

This was the perfect time to use my  rose gold toned Naked 3 palette.


I used “strange” to make a fresh, one toned canvas on my eyelids. I applied “limit” in the middle section of both eyelids and put “nooner” & “blackheart” at the ends. To really drag attention to my eyes I also blended in some “burnout” and “dust” on the bottom and the inner corners of my eyes. Sorry if this sounds confusing, but it’s very hard to give a written eye shadow tutorial!


My eyelashes are already quite full but I really wanted to add length to them. To achieve this, I used Eylure lengthening lashes which are rather easy to apply (and trust me, I suck at putting fake lashes on #struggles). I then applied my Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara to set them.



Not long ago I decided to chop my hair, to read about my experience and what triggered my decision for this click here.

But yeah, my hairstyle options were very limited so I just went ahead with some curls and volume. To protect my hair from heat damage I sprayed it with Vo5 “Plump it Up” heat defence spray and finally to keep the curls last all day I used Vo5 “Strong Hold” weather resistant hairspray.


I had to place a fascinator into my hair-do too, and it all turned out perfect at the end. I have purchased it at a local shop and you can see a picture of it below!


At last, here is the final result:



Oh did I say that I used Velvet Teddy on my lips? Well now you know!

This would be everything I have to share about my hair and make-up look. Stay tuned to the next couple of posts further telling you all about my experience.

What is your favourite special occasion look? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below!

Love, K.

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My Eyebrow Routine: How I Keep Them On Fleek (2015) (3 min read)

Hey to you all!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in so long, I was extremely busy and needed to sort out my daily routine, but, here I am and I promise to post twice a week again!

We all know that Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows are ultimate goals – but, today I will share with you my eyebrow routine:

Every two weeks I pluck my own eyebrows to keep them as much on fleek as possible. However, if you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself I would advise to go to a beautician instead! Eyebrows frame your face, so it is important that they are done properly, in the right shape to complement you. Here are a few steps of how I do it:

  1. Before I go on to pluck my eyebrows I make sure that all my make up is off, and I rinse my face with warm water (it will make plucking less painful).
  2. I use a clear mascara or brow gel to keep my hair under control, and create a rough shape I want them to be in. Then I go on to pluck all the hairs that  I want to get rid of.
  3. To create a more bushy look at the front I once again use clear mascara or an eyebrow gel, but this time, I make my hairs go up the way.
  4. I take thin scissors to cut the top of those hairs off, make it go with the line of my eyebrows shape.
  5. I apply cream all over my eyebrows and massage them – this will reduce the redness and stinging of the skin.
  6. If I feel like it, I do my eyebrow make up and judge how well I’ve done them. Usually ends up with unlimited selfies haha! Usually, my eyebrow looks like the one below that I use for inspiration!


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Love, K.

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July Favourites (2015) (3 min read)

Hi everyone!

Since today is the last day of July, I have decided to share with you guys my favourites for this month including; beauty, hair care, perfumes, a movie and some music! I hope you enjoy reading this post, so without further do let’s jump right into it! *This post isn’t sponsored and all opinions are my own! :)*.

1. Rimmel London – Lasting Finish Primer


I really like this primer because it is 30ml’s which is actually pretty big as for a drug-store one and so will last for a lot of applications. I find that it’s very light on your skin and makes it appear one toned so that the foundation looks really good after you apply it. In addition, this primer makes your foundation stay on much longer, even during a very active day! You can buy this product here.

2. Zoella Beauty Make-Up Bag


I am a big Zoella fan for those of you who don’t know, and so when her first beauty range launched I was really excited! This make-up bag is being well used; it is big enough to fit in all my beauty essentials and it is super cute. Love it. You can buy this product here.

3. Avon Make-Up Setting Spray


This is such a great product! I always use this spray to set my make-up before I leave my house. It helps to protect my make-up from humidity and smudging, dries very quickly and is non-sticky. This spray also contains some goodies for your face -vitamins A,C and E- wow, what more do you need girl?  If you are looking for a make-up setting spray but are unsure of spending lots of money on it, this Avon one would be a great starter. You can buy this product here.

4. Bare Minerals Quick Change Brush Cleanser


I think it it very important to regularly clean your make-up brushes to keep them clean, remove dead skin, get rid of any bacteria and avoid break outs! So to clean my brushes I love using the Bare Minerals quick change brush cleanser – it is 110ml so will last for a very long time, it smells amazing and really gets the products off of your brushes! This brush cleanser contains ingredients that are gentle and really benefiting for your skin when you next use them. I would really recommend it to you all! You can buy this product here.

5. Superdrug’s Own Brand Coconut Oil


I use this goodie everyday, especially during summer! I use it for taking off my make-up, apply it before and after sunbathing and often mix it with sugar to make a lip scrub. I know that the product states it is a skin softener, but you can also use it as a hair mask overnight and it really works wonders! It stimulated my hair to grow faster, get healthier and prevent split ends and frizz. I love the sweet scent of a coconut and how it melts into a lovely oil in your hands! You can buy this product here.

6. Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment


This oil is just as good as the argan oil, and is much cheaper within the stores. I usually use it on the bottom of my hair after I wash and towel dry it. It will make your hair silky smooth and add a healthy glow to it. I can’t find a link to this exact product but there are plenty of brands which do macadamia oil treatment.

7. Toni&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo

IMG_8455 (1)

This is my favourite dry shampoo ever. I use it all the time in between washing my hair – it refreshes it, takes any excess oil away making it less greasy after each application! So if you are looking to switch from your classical Batiste dry shampoo to a new brand, I really recommend this Tony&Guy one. I feel like it doesn’t get enough hype on the market and it truly deserves it, as it works miracles. You can but this product here.

8. Daisy by Marc Jacobs


This perfume is so heavenly and makes me feel very confident when I wear it. The scent is very feminine and kind of floral, for sure lasts for ages. It is more on the pricey side, but it is always good to treat yourself once in a while right?! The bottle is so cute and will look adorable on your dressing table, just like it does on mine. You can buy this product here.

9. Movie – Jurassic World

Recently my boyfriend took me to the cinema to see Jurassic World. I was never a fan of dinosaurs or action movies, but I really enjoyed watching this one! It was a great twist between a family having an adventure, and living the future where the dinosaurs were kept into a kind of  a ‘zoo’ on an island. It was really exciting, so please give this movie a chance like I did, and you might even love it! ( Don’t make my mistake and actually watch the previous Jurassic movies haha!).

10. Music

My two favourite songs this month are: Are You With Me by Lost Frequencies and Double Tap by Jordin Sparks.

I never usually listen to that kind of music, but these two songs are so catchy and have constantly been stuck in my head!

Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed this July favourites post be sure to like and comment so I know if to write one for next month too! Subscribe and share for future posts and I shall speak to all of you in the next one!

Love, K.

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