I Went Shopping Again… (3 min read)

Hey everyone!

Just a quick Saturday post, because it’s not as long as others.

Yes, yes, yes I went shopping again … woops. But this time I only bought around seven things, which is totally acceptable. #shopaholic

I haven’t done a clothing haul on here yet and I shop all the time. If you guys enjoy this post then I sure will start doing more hauls!

So let’s get straight into this.

Lets start with the adorable fake, smiley plant pots I got in two, adorable pastel colours! I am very bad with looking after real plants, I even killed a cactus once – like how?! So this will do nicely in decorating my window pane for now! I need to see if they do them in any more colours because I need them all.


New Look – £4.99

I bought this chocker top in the petite section. I never usually shop in that section because I am tall, but when I went a size up so it’s longer it finally fitted me well. Oh, and surprisingly I’m beginning to like wearing brighter colours than the usual black!



New Look – £11.99

I’m also trying to purchase more basic tees and bodysuits, mainly because they never get out of fashion and work with any outfit. This plain white bodysuit is great – you can dress it up or wear it casual. I’m even going back to get an exact black one next week.

**By the way, I tried to cover up my electric socket in the background with that emoji! Haha.**


New Look – £5.99

This skirt is simply the best one I own at the moment. The material is so soft & comforting and the light grey colour will work perfectly with the white bodysuit shown above! What other colours do you guys think it will go with?


New Look – £17.99

Lastly, I got this gold chocker necklace.



New Look – £3.99

Well, I hope you liked my little haul and be sure to comment below so I know to do more! I am a massive shopping lover and get new things at least twice a week … so bad for my bank balance.

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See ya!

Love, K.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Cornwall, England (5 min read)

Well hello everybody! Recently I had visited various places in Cornwall, England, for my summer holiday. So I thought that it would be a good idea to share my top 5 places, which could be useful for those of you who are considering going to Cornwall sometime or if you are generally interested in reading travel topics ( that is usually the case for me).

As you might already know I live in Scotland, and this year my family and I had decided to travel to Cornwall, England in our car. It took us over 13 hours – which actually killed me – but when we finally got away from the Scottish rainy weather life got much better! I can say that Cornwall is truly beautiful, has great local food (like fudge, yummy) and the landscape is spectacular! I will definitely go back there one day, but maybe by plane to avoid another long car journey.

It’s always good to know a little bit of the geographical background …

First of all, for those who don’t know Cornwall is a county in England. It is bordered North and West by the Celtic Sea/ North Atlantic Ocean ( which is 99.9% warmer than the North Sea in Scotland yay!) and is to the South by the English Channel. It has a very mild climate, although when I went there was a lot of constant moisture in the air during the mornings, and the sun always came out in the early afternoon! I absolutely loved the weather, and I must say that for me it is the warmest place in the whole of UK!

St Piran's Flag of Cornwall

Top 5 Places:

1. Carbis Bay, St Ives

Carbis Bay is located In the outskirts of the touristy town of St.Ives. I rate this place as my number one because although it is located near such a busy place, the bay itself is very calm and spacious! The sand is white and really clean – you can tell it’s being taken good care of. The North Atlantic Ocean is so clear and actually warm enough for you to enjoy swimming in it. In addition, since it’s a bay the waves are not that strong which allows you to peacefully chill in the ocean. Also, there is an amazing restaurant on the beach: you have a spectacular view while eating, the prices are fair and the staff is so nice! I could literally live on that beach if I could – 10/10!





2. Land’s End

Land’s End is the most Westerly point of mainland Cornwall and England, with the most beautiful coastal landscape you will ever see in your life! You can enjoy long walks along the cliffs,take gorgeous photographs that people could mistake for being photo-shopped ( because the views are just unreal) and see the Land’s end post marking the distance between New York and John O’Groats. I would really recommend visiting this place as it is one of its kind , and you can actually say that  you stood on the edge of the UK, or proudly wave to the New Yorkers in the distance (shout-out to you guys, wave back the next time!).




3. Eden Project, St. Austell

Eden Project is an educational charity and a great family day out. It is nestled in a huge crater ( an old quarry). It has two massive Biomes housing the largest rainforest in captivity, stunning plants and interesting exhibitions. What I thought was cool about it – is that when you walk into the biomes the actual air temperature and humidity is changed according to the “country” it’s meant to be alike. My favourite experience was in the African tropical rainforest and the Canary Islands divisions of the Biomes. It is legit realistic and you will feel like you are travelling around the whole world in just a few hours of walking.








4. Fistral Beach

This beach was huge! The thing that I most loved about it was that there were surfers – and you could even try it out yourself no matter if you are an expert or just a beginner (like me)! I honestly felt like I was in California because of the great surfing vibes! You can hire a surfing board and a thermal costume at the hire shop in the beach mall, there are even surfing classes that you can participate in, so great! Don’t worry, if you aren’t that keen on surfing there are also areas for swimmers only, and since the beach is so big there is plenty of space just to relax and sunbathe.  Also, there was an awesome, massive flip flop shower in the middle of the beach that I was absolutely obsessed with!




5. Newquay Harbour

I know what you’re all thinking – a harbour, really? Well yes! And the reason why I liked this place was due to its beauty! It is very calm and relaxing to look at, you get a nice view of the ocean and local beaches surrounding you in the distance, what more do you want on a lazy day? There are a few nice spots for a lovely picnic if you have the effort, or as an alternative  there are a few chippy’s too!

newquay harbour

Let me know what you think of Cornwall after reading this post, and if you are considering visiting those places. Maybe you live near/in Cornwall? – then let me know your top 5 places to visit in there ! Please like, share and subscribe to my blog as this will help me grow and make my posts even more exciting for all of you guys! I shall speak to you in my next post.

Love, K.

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