Back To School/University: Stationary Essentials & Hacks (5 min read)

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Oh my, didn’t the summer holidays just fly by too fast?! Where did the time go. Sadly, here in the UK school starts again in just over a week today, and university starts in roughly a month time too. This only means shopping, shopping and MORE SHOPPING. And for those lucky people abroad that have quite a bit of holidays left – I’m mega jealous!

I am a huge stationary lover and get freaking excited over buying notebooks and pens… anyone feel me here? Still, I have not (yet) gone crazy over shopping for university, but I bought the things that I will need at the start, and will for sure buy more after I know exactly what I need.

To see what school/university stationary essentials I picked out and what hacks I have for most them carry on reading!


1. Folders and dividers are a must. They allow you to stay organised with your work and know exactly where everything is. I have bought one Pukka Filing Leaver Arch Folder and Extra Wide Subject Dividers. Of course, don’t forget about punched pockets to keep your sheets in.

I find the Pukka Filling folders best when it comes to school. They have an index and timetable space inside. With their help, you will hopefully never be confused again.

Hack #1 ** I plan to carry one big folder at the beginning of my semester rather than multiple, and buy more as my work builds up. This is a great hack for you guys that are going to school too – it’s better carrying one proper folder than multiple empty ones, until you really need more anyway. Your bag will be less cluttered and lighter aswell.**

Hack #2 **Keeping every single sheet in a punched pocket will keep it so much safer in your folder. You won’t have to worry about any damage to them – better be safe tan sorry guys. I learned it the hard way… once my Hollister spray spilled in my bad and I had to re-write my whole Higher History folder. It took me ages!**


2. Refill Pads and Reporter’s Pads. Having plenty paper on you at all times makes life easy. especially how some schools don’t provide you with it!



3. Pens, pens and more pens! From my school experience I can tell you now that Paper Mate and BIC have the most durable and good quality pens. Also, instead of using the classic liquid Tipp-Ex  for any mistakes you have to try out the tape one! It’s not wet and so you can write over it instantly, so much easier than waiting for the liquid one to dry.

Hack #3 **Did that boy in your class “borrow” a pen and never gave it back? Did you forget to repack one from the other bag? Pens always disappear so fast, this is why you always need to be stocked up! I always carry about 5 pens in every bag I use, that way you avoid awkward situations and having to personally ask someone else for their pen.**


4. Highlighters! I don’t need to attempt to justify this one, highlighters just need to be in your bag okay.

Hack #4 **Carrying at least three different colours of highlighters will allow you to distinguish the difference in your text better and organise your notes e.g. highlight the headings on top of each page so it catches your sight instantly.**

5. A tiny, cute note pad. It will encourage you to write more things down. Besides, this is too adorable not to have ah!



6. Hard Cover Diary. Write everything down and avoid forgetting your schedule! I personally prefer the week to week ones as they are thinner and more comfortable to carry around. I really recommend the Oxford Campus Diarys for students, because they have handy pages inside of them. Have a look:

7. Sticky notes! I’m in love with the ones I found. Use them to mark a page in your textbook or to make notes on any information you need (without actually damaging the book).

Here you go! I really hope that you enjoyed my first ever school/university related post. Please like and comment, so I know if to make more of them in the near future! I am really excited to start university and without a doubt I will have a lot of things to write about it.

Are you going back to school/university/college? If so have you done any stationary shopping?

See you around. x

Love, K.

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