London: Sightseeing Gallery & Surprises (5 min read)

Hi everyone! 🙂

As you may have read in the London Baby! post I had the chance to be there for four days. Today I will share with you my favourite places I saw and experiences I had while on the trip.



For out trip we have stayed with Lyall’s family, in the lovely town of Weybridge, and so we had to take the train to London on most days.


Of course the first noticeable thing we went to see was the London Eye. It’s massive! We did not go on it during this trip as we already have done so back in 2013. For those wondering it takes around 30 minutes for the London Eye to spin once. You do get a wonderful view of London though, so if you ever get the chance to then definitely go on it!


That day was so gloomy and rainy … but it’s okay, I’m so used to this weather anyway haha!


I could not resist walking into the Shrek’s Adventure’s gift shop, I mean look at those adorable baby Shrek’s and the Gingerbread Man! I wanted them all!


I then went to the London Sea Life Aquarium – so amazing! I took so many photos there that I will need to make another post on it, so keep your eyes out for this as it will be up tomorrow (Saturday).


By the time that I got out of the London Sea Life Aquarium the rain had stopped, yay, and we could finally continue exploring the city without an umbrella.


The next big attraction was the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. It was then that I was told that Big Ben was in fact the bell inside of the clock. Who knew this before? I was mind blown haha!



*Lyall being a typical tourist*




To travel around London we have in fact hired bicycles for the day, it was such a great idea! Not only did I exercise while sightseeing, but we were not stuck in the traffic once and did not have to worry about parking. I wish more (if any) cities in Scotland had bike hire stations.



The Buckingham Palace. I hope that one day I get the chance to tour it inside!


I can’t believe that these guards have to stand there all day long with minimal movement. I could never do that for living!


It’s also so funny to look back at photos I took and see people posing or taking their own photos.



I took the underground once or twice and It was so confusing. You need to get on or off so fast that it leaves you minimal time to think. I admire people who take it daily – you must be pro’s!


And my favourite place to spend time in London is for sure the Trafalgar Square. There are always so many talented people showcasing their work there and you have plenty of restaurants/shops around to buy food from and enjoy it at the Square.

Lastly, on our final night in London I had a big surprise! Below is a little hint for you guys that are curious what it is and can maybe figure? You will find out exactly where I was or what I did on Monday’s post! *exciting*. 🙂


I hope that you guys like this style of posts, filled with pictures rather than massive paragraphs, as personally I always find gallery based travel posts so entertaining!

Have you ever been to London? Let me know in the comments.

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Love, K.

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200 Followers! (1 min read)

Hey everyone.

I have logged on my blog today to see that I have went past the 200 followers mark! Wow.

I would like to say a massive thanks for your growing support, it means so much. I am amazed that 200+ of you want to read my posts! Let’s keep our number growing guys!

I will keep on working hard for this blog and I  hope that you all will stick around and carry on being active!

Love, K.

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Latest Trend: Urban Essentials (3 min read)

Hey guys! I hope that you’re all having a great day.

This will be my first ever post related to ongoing/latest fashion trends. Therefore, if you enjoy reading this post let me know! I will continue to post them everytime that they change 🙂

The first trend I will talk to you about is my absolute favourite.


Urban Essentials is inspired by the catwalk shows of Clover Canyon; Red Valentino and Celine. It’s great that many high-street stores follow these influences and allow us to keep up with the latest trends in an affordable way!

Colour Palette:

It consists of a sharp palette of black; camel; cream and tones of blue. Furthermore, a contrast of Chilli Pepper adds excitement into the collection!


Overall, this trend is delivering a sporty, 90s feel to me. This is probably why I’m so drawn to it – I love to be comfortable and keep up with the latest fashion. This lets me have both!

Now, let’s be more fun. I went into my local New Look store and picked out my two go-to outfits & some must have accessory pieces from the Urban Essentials section.

Outfit #1:

For my first outfit I want to show you how to style a mesh, boyfriend tee for an everyday look.

The first way I’d wear it is with a white, sporty crop top that will pop the colour through the mesh. Pair it up with some acid wash jeggings and tah dah! I’m really loving this outfit.




The second way I’d wear the mesh tee would be with a plain tank top. This might be a great option for those of you that would not be comfortable with showing too much skin.



Outfit #2:

This outfit will be perfect for these lazy days that you still want to look as if you made effort.

A red jumper will make you look fun and show a chilled vibe. I love how many different colours and styles are available in this jumper! So if you are not a red lover, definitely check out the different styles.




Major must haves are for sure chokers’, fluffy pom-poms and high platform trainers.


The black, high platform trainers will make your legs appear slimmer and longer *how great* and will literally go with any outfit. It’s a great pair to own.


The fluffy pom-poms will be a great accessory to your backpacks/handbags and even a cute way to carry keys! I own at least three different ones and my collection keeps on growing. Once you start buying it will be endless.


And then we have the chokers. Everyone has gone crazy for them and I totally love them too!


My personal favourite styles of chokers are shown below:


But there are so many available!


Overall, I am in love with this trend – it is so me.


The biggest staple here is the acid wash jeggings. They are way more comfy than normal jeans and add a fun vibe to every outfit you pair them with. Do any of you guys own a pair of jeggings? I have about five now.


And let me know in the comment section below which outfit you would be most likely to wear; Outfit #1 or Outfit #2? Also, would you like another post about another trend that is in right now?

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See ya!xo

Love, K.

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Lily and Rose: A Timeless Duet (5 min read)


Originally, I planned to collaborate with Lily and Rose in order to wear this jewellery set for the Queens Garden Party, however, since it was being shipped all the way from Sweden … the delivery simply wouldn’t make it to me on time. I should have been more organised. But hey ho it’s finally here woo!

To see what I received carry on reading.

** If you haven’t already done so, you should check out my “Queens Garden Party” series. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 **


Lily and Rose is a Swedish, vintage-inspired crystal jewellery for all occasions and Therese Zetterberg is behind the whole brand. All of their pieces are of very high quality and the website is so easy to navigate around. Furthermore, they also have a fashion line called Zetterberg Couture where you can purchase items that complement their Lily and Rose jewellery.

I am so glad that I found Lily and Rose, I love discovering international brands, and they really deserve to be known in the UK.

To check out their website click here.

Firstly, I think that this packaging is fabulous! So simple but chic, it will decorate my dressing table so well.



Item 1: Miss Sofia – Pearl Earrings


These gorgeous earrings come from the “Miss Sofia” collection and are £29. They are so elegant and timeless. The powder almond shade makes it so easy to wear them everyday but especially for more special occasions if you know what I mean. Everyone needs some special jewellery to feel glamorous, right?!


For those wondering, they are made out of: flat-black pearls, 1.4mm Crystal Octant and 6.0mm Powder Almond – Swarovski.

To see my earrings on Lily and Roses website, click here.

Item 2: Sofia – Pearl Powder Almond Bracelet


This matching bracelet left me speechless when I opened the box and costs £99. When I put it near sunlight it shines brighter than my future (haha). For real, it’s seriously perfect. It’s made out of the same materials as the Miss Sofia Pearl Earrings but on a much bigger scale .


Can you see the pretty blue sparkle on some of the crystals?

To check out my bracelet online, click here.

I am now desperately looking out for an occasion that I can show off this set at. It will make a statement and automatically make my outfit appear expensive and classy.

What are your thoughts on my jewellery picks? What is your favourite set from Lily and Rose? I would love to find out in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you guys like discovering new brands with me and share similar interests – in this case jewellery.

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Speak to you in the next post!

Love, K.

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Queens Garden Party (Part 3): The Experience (5 min read)

Hi everyone,

Here is the long expected post on how was the Queens Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Previously I posted Part 1 on Hair & Make-up (click here) and Part 2 on the Outfits (click here). Be sure to check them all out!

To find out all the details carry on reading…

The Invitation:

The invitation came addressed to me directly by Lord Chamberlain from the Palace of the Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh. In my envelope there were a lot of directions on how to behave at the Palace premises and what to bring with me. I believe that I was invited to this event by being Head Girl at my school for the session of 2015/16 and have made a positive impact on the local community. However, as I will mention later In the post, other people that I spoke to there were invited for many different reasons.


I was lucky to travel by car with my friends, because Edinburgh is around 2 hours drive from where I stay. I can’t imagine taking a train by myself in such a fancy outfit too – imagine the looks I would get?! Anyway, as we got to the Palace, we got parked up in a field and began to explore the grounds.

Hanging Around in Edinburgh:

We arrived in Edinburgh two hours early, so we had to kill our time somehow. We decided to go to Starbucks on the bottom of the Royal Mile and grab something to eat for our late lunch. We were so dressed up that the tourists must have thought that we were some important people haha! They kept taking pictures of us, making us feel famous, we loved it really.

After that we walked around the front of the Scottish Parliament and Main Gates of the Palace. We even got a photo with one of the Queens Guards!


Then it was time to enter the Palace.



Megan, Mollie, Heather and I had to line up in a massive queue before the security checks. It started to rain and we worried for our hair and make-up, thankfully we had some umbrellas to save this situation! It was also very windy and I nearly wacked someone behind me in the face #embarrassing. However, the queue was running smoothly and we got to the security guard in no time. Only then have I noticed that my surname was misspelt on the invitation … I was lucky they still let me at that point as they were making a big fuss about it.

Palace of Holyroodhouse  Grounds:


As we entered the garden premises it was instantly busy. At least 10,000 people were there by 4pm and the number only grew as the day went on. Since the gardens were enormous, it didn’t feel that packed at times which was for sure a positive thing! The Palace looked gorgeous, and the picnic tables & sitting areas looked adorable.


There were a couple of big gazebos that served food and drinks. I fell in love with their iced coffee and little rectangular sandwiches! Although, there was one sandwich that I will never forget the taste of (in a bad way…) as it contained cucumbers and fresh mint leafs – ew.


Most of the food had a symbol of Her Majesty, which made me even more excited to be there.

After hanging around for an hour, the National Anthem was played by a Military Band that announced the arrival of the Queen and the Members of the Royal Family.


As the Royal Figures came down the Palace Stairs (on a red carpet haha) we all clapped and watched them parade around the garden grounds.



The Queen was wearing an adorable yellow outfit! She was so small and so cute! Unfortunately William and Kate with their little kids did not attend (sigh) but there were quite a few other Royal Figures to see anyway! I was lucky enough to be just a meter away from them all, so I had a very good view. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to speak to any of them.

What other Royals attended:

  • Princess Ann
  • Prince Charles
  • Prince Edward
  • Prince Phillip


I was so happy to see that Nicola Sturgeon was there too!

After their half an hour long parade, the important figures went to the Royal Tea Tent and my friends & I decided to socialise and take photographs.


I got to speak to a couple of people – the first one was a married couple who got invited for their volunteering commitment abroad, second was a soldier that went through a near death experience while serving the country and some were simply invited because they were committed to charity fund raising. As you can see, there was a real variety towards the reasons of why was someone invited.

Overall, this was an amazing experience and I am so proud of my achievements that got me an invitation there. It was surely the biggest Garden Party that I have ever attended and it was at a Palace – nothing will ever beat this! It was also so cool to see the Royal members and a key Scottish politician so closely as well.

This would be the last post in the Queens Garden Party series. I hope that you enjoyed reading it! Have you ever went to a fancy garden party yourself?

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See you all later,

Love, K.

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Queens Garden Party (Part 2): Outfits (5 min read)

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick look book of me and my friends which also went to the Garden Party. In the previous post I have shared with you my make-up and hair, for that click here. Details of each item can be found below each photo. Enjoy!


Shop my look: Fascinator (local shop), White Top (New Look), Scarf (New Look), Midi-Skirt (New Look), Clutch Bag (New Look), Heels (New Look) …  oh yes I do love New Look haha.

As for my jewellery, the one which I specifically ordered did not arrive in time as it is being shipped all the way from Sweden. I had to improvise and so once again I went to New Look and picked out some pieces that would add the finishing touch to the whole look.


I have bought this three piece: a ring, earrings and a bracelet. I also found a matching necklace that can be seen on other photos. The gold details made my outfit look more expensive than it actually was and the pink stones matched my colour scheme. It was a win: win situation really.


Shop Mollies look: Fascinator (Debenhams), Dress (ASOS Petite), Scarf (Debenhams), Jewellery (Debenhams), Clutch Bag (Debenhams), Heels (New Look).



Shop Megans look: Hat (River Island), Dress (ASOS), Clutch Bag (Tiger Lily), Heels (TK Maxx).




I hope that you guys enjoyed this look book. It was such a special day and everyone looked absolutely gorgeous there. I would do anything to relive that day again!

Next post is the most awaited post for sure – it will be about the atmosphere and order of events at the Garden Party. So do stay tuned for that! It will be up within the next few days.

What do you guys think of out outfits? What is your favourite store to purchase items for a special occasion? I would love to find out in the comment section below!

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Bye for now,

Love, K.

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Queens Garden Party (Part 1): Hair & Make-Up (5 min read)


On the 5th of July I was honoured to attend Queen Elizabeths Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland.

I wanted to look my best that day and so I woke up at 5am to be ready for leaving the house at 9am. I put A LOT of effort into this look. To see what my hair and make-up looked like for this event, keep reading!


At first I was stuck on what I wanted it to look like – after much thought I decided to go for delicate and feminine.

For my face the make-up routine was pretty much normal – M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation, Pro-Longwear Concealer, A.B.H Contour Kit and Brow Pomade. To see how I always do my eyebrows, click here and to read about my contour regime click here.

This was the perfect time to use my  rose gold toned Naked 3 palette.


I used “strange” to make a fresh, one toned canvas on my eyelids. I applied “limit” in the middle section of both eyelids and put “nooner” & “blackheart” at the ends. To really drag attention to my eyes I also blended in some “burnout” and “dust” on the bottom and the inner corners of my eyes. Sorry if this sounds confusing, but it’s very hard to give a written eye shadow tutorial!


My eyelashes are already quite full but I really wanted to add length to them. To achieve this, I used Eylure lengthening lashes which are rather easy to apply (and trust me, I suck at putting fake lashes on #struggles). I then applied my Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara to set them.



Not long ago I decided to chop my hair, to read about my experience and what triggered my decision for this click here.

But yeah, my hairstyle options were very limited so I just went ahead with some curls and volume. To protect my hair from heat damage I sprayed it with Vo5 “Plump it Up” heat defence spray and finally to keep the curls last all day I used Vo5 “Strong Hold” weather resistant hairspray.


I had to place a fascinator into my hair-do too, and it all turned out perfect at the end. I have purchased it at a local shop and you can see a picture of it below!


At last, here is the final result:



Oh did I say that I used Velvet Teddy on my lips? Well now you know!

This would be everything I have to share about my hair and make-up look. Stay tuned to the next couple of posts further telling you all about my experience.

What is your favourite special occasion look? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below!

Love, K.

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Guess Where I’m Going… (2 min read)


Just a quick life update guys. As you are reading this post, I am on my way to the Queens (yes, you read right!) Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.


I am mega excited and cannot wait to share with you all my experiences on Friday’s post! I will tell you all about my make up look, outfit details and if I spoke to any royalty. There is another jewellery collaboration coming too specially for this event, so stay tuned. I really  hope that Kate and William with their adorable kids attend because I am their biggest fan. They are just so damn cute. Who are your favourite royal figures?

Anyway, if any of you have specific questions please let me know and I will answer them as soon as I can. Like, share and follow my blog for more exciting content!

Love, K.

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Mink&Stone: I Created My Perfect Jewellery (3 min read)


Today I want to share with you a post on a special jewellery brand which I had recently discovered and caught the opportunity to collaborate with. Enjoy!

First of all, let me give you a little bit of a background to this jewellery brand:

Mink&Stone is a small business based in the fabulous city of London, England. It was founded by Miisa and Mark Mink in 2014, after they got inspired by the grand bazaar of Istanbul and it’s spectacular beaded jewellery designs during their holiday. I was very intrigued by their online store which actually allows you to custom design your own jewellery such as chockers’, necklaces and bracelets. To make it even more special, they have experienced jewellery makers to handcraft your desired design using high quality materials!

Am I the only one who gets instantly really judgemental towards a brand based on my experience of using their website?! Well, I can tell you guys that Mink&Stone’s online store is simple to use and if you ever get stuck ( like I often do) there is plenty of online help!

So I decided to give the unique jewellery design a go, and I had ordered a bracelet. I will be honest, it took me a good while… to visually imagine what I wanted to create. I guess I needed some inspiration, so I had checked out the creations page for designs from their previous customers, which really made me want to make something very unique! As I looked through the materials, I loved how there was an option to add the ones I liked to different “trays”, go organisation woo!

I must admit, I am more of a fan towards silver than gold when it comes to jewellery, so choosing the chain was a no brainer. I was happy that I was able to choose the length of my chain to fit my wrist – as in the high street shops the bracelets are often too big and awkwardly loose. I had planned a colour scheme that would allow me to make the most out of this bracelet, then I played about with the design until I was happy with it (this also took me ages because I am such a picky person when it comes to patterns – everything has to be even and on point!).

I used grey and lustre beads, plain silver spacers and a clear glass bead in facetted as my accent. My aim was to make this bracelet as simple and chic as possible. I think that it has turned out pretty well. *now you should be feeling really curious towards what it looks like*!


Let’s open the parcel…



It came in a cute little black bag with a sweet card to thank me for the purchase – great customer care! Most importantly, the bracelet looks exactly like I have designed it on their website and I love it!

I chose such design because I like simple pieces, that will go with almost anything and everything I wear. The quality of this bracelet is high, fits my wrist perfectly and most of all I made it – so cool!

When I have it on, I get complemented a lot and told that it looks expensive. The amazing thing is that I had actually only paid £12.19 for it – bargain!


( My “Sophisto” bracelet paired with a Pandora ring and a Ted Baker bag)


Guys, won’t you agree that it actually brings out my tan!


This is the top part of the outfit that I wore my bracelet with: a black turtle-neck top from New Look and a statement necklace also from New Look.

Now, all of you should totally check out Mink&Stone’s website .

It gives you a great opportunity to be the designer and create your own, unique jewellery that no one else owns. You can get so creative and have something so personalised… that reflects you.

If you are interested to have a look at / buy my bracelet, I have published its design so ->  Click Here

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post, as I love sharing with you all the new brands which I discover – always stay unique! Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments, I love how active you can be! Subscribe to my blog for future posts, like and share if you are a sweetheart! I will speak to you all in the next one! 🙂

Love, K.

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Hello World! (3 min read)

I thought that a quick introduction to myself would be an appropriate first post. I have thought about blogging for a very long time, yet, I never really got round to doing it until now! I absolutely love Instagramming, having over 5K followers, and I believe that one day quite a few of you will be a regular here too! I chose the name “Vintage Guru in Wonderland” because I am a huge fan of vintage items and I live in my own little world, often not paying attention to the reality.

What kind of things will I write about? Well, I am a big fashionista and a bit of a shopaholic so on my blog you will see a lot of: fashion hauls, lookbooks and reviews (including beauty items). I love being creative and coming up with unique ideas – I will try to make you love DIY tutorials just as much as I do. Personally,  I am an explorer, I always seek for something new and exciting. I see this blog as a great opportunity to share with you guys all the places which I had travelled to and share my future bucket list!

Other than that, I wanted a place to share my thoughts and experiences, as well as to connect with people all around the world! I would really appreciate for you guys to be active, share your opinions, feedback and give me suggestions for future posts! I will also be looking to follow some of you exciting people!

Love, K.

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